New wind power projects filing for approval

September 6, 2017

The wind power developers awarded contracts in 2016 are now gradually filing for Renewable Energy Approval, in spite of the fact that Ontario has a surplus of power, and wind power is produced out of phase with demand to the extent it is estimate 70 percent of it is wasted.

The Otter Creek project (50 megawatts, Chatham-Kent, $218 million over 20 years) was just on the EBR for comment, and now the Romney Wind Energy Centre (60 megawatts, Chatham-Kent, $261 million over 20 years) has filed documents that are being screened for completeness.

Ontario does not need this new power.

Ontarians do not need more costs added to their electricity bills.

Ontario has shown it is unable — or unwilling — to deal with thousands of reports of excessive noise from projects already operating.

These contracts should be cancelled, not granted Renewable Energy Approval.


Agneta Sand

I still think that most of these industrial size wind turbines is a ‘make-work’ program for government lawyers ! ! ! Pays well – I guess ! ? ! ? For the rest of us it is energy bills and fund raisers to pay ‘our’ lawyers, who are doing a fantastic job trying to protect land, birds, bats, insects, turtles etc. Is this what they mean when the say: Money makes the world go around ……?


Tail wagging the dog!!?????



SEC company filing searches

Enter: Pattern Energy Group/Pattern Energy Group, Inc.

Follow the links to the filings:

10K Annual Reports:

Filed, 2017-03-01
Filed, 2016-02-29

Has financial information on Canadian wind projects by project name.

For 2017 scroll down to near the end of the 10K filing: S, pp.7-84

This is public information, by and available to everyone.

These SEC 10K reports are sometimes 100 pages.


U.S. SEC: Company Fast Search

Pattern Energy Group Inc. > GO TO EDGAR > FAST SEARCH > Enter > 0001561660

Select the 10-K filings.

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