Niagara Region letter: what could make people leave their homes?

Here from Niagara Region, a letter to the editor on a recent council meeting, and claims of “NIMBY” against people concerned about the effect of a wind power project on the health of their families.

Grimsby Lincoln News

At the Aug. 1 regional council meeting I attended Mr. Tom Rankin* was heard in a loud angry voice giving the entire council gallery the label of NIMBYs. Of course he did not include himself even though they are not being built in his backyard.
    Rankin continued spewing out his displeasure that council had the audacity to vote in favour of Wainfleet and West Lincoln declaring themselves unwilling hosts to wind turbines in their municipalities. A grateful thank you goes to those councillors who had that courage to recognize that Canada is a democracy.
    There has been a back and forth argument whether wind turbines do cause serious health issues. But, on the other hand, gravely speaking why would people be leaving their beloved homes that they worked a lifetime for? Leaving their highest investment of their lifetime? The documented cases were not happy planned moves; on the contrary they all claimed they were ones they say were forced by illness caused by wind turbines.

Read the full article here.

*Editor’s note: Mr. Rankin is a partner in Wainfleet Energy Inc.

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