No answer on wind farms for Ontario communities until March 2016

Ontario rural communities forced to wait months to learn their fate
Ontario rural communities forced to wait months to learn their fate

As if the process for wind power siting and approval wasn’t slanted enough in the favour of the corporate wind power developers, now the Independent Electricity Systems Operator (IESO) has announced that because so many bids were received for contracts, it needs more time to determine the successful bidders.

That means, Ontario communities will not know until March 2016, whether they have been selected to be transformed into an industrial power location.

See the IESO announcement here.

IESO may be contacted at








What the hell..the spring of 2016?? This is negligence. People are suffering. This is a state of emergency. All of the turbines in Ontario need to be stopped IMMEDIATELY.
These jerks care nothing about the people of Ontario.
Sure, vacation the winter away in the tropics. Manage your offshore bank accounts. WHAT EVER.
Don’t kid yourselves, these guys are well aware of what goes on. They are sweating bullets. Im sure their executive meetings are not focused on the health and welfare of Ontarians; but are more along the line of how they ate going to get out of this mess. CRIMINAL. As I have said before, freeze accounts, lock them up.

Pat Cusack

When living in a democracy, one expects those elected to look after the rights of the electorate. One does not expect a provincial government to cancel the rights of rural municipalities to determine what can be built and operated in their jurisdictions. One wonders where our Ms. Wynne and her predecessor received permission to do this and why our federal politicians allow it. Are we becoming a dictatorship?

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