No response from Wynne government to holiday weekend wind turbine noise reports

October 9, 2017

Thanksgiving: pumpkin martinis for city dwellers, screeching thumping noise for unwilling wind farm neighbours in the country. And no help from the MOECC. [Photo:]


For many families in Ontario, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time, a time to get together over a lunch or dinner, get outside for walks in the still pleasant weather, and just generally enjoy a day, or weekend.

Unless you are forced to live inside a wind power plant as hundreds of Ontario residents are.

This Thanksgiving weekend saw high winds in a number of locations and Ontario’s wind turbines were churning away, producing power that wasn’t needed on a warm holiday weekend, meanwhile producing noise and vibration in nearby homes.

A Chatham-Kent area family spent a sleepless night on the holiday weekend Saturday and started calling the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Spills Action line at 5:30 a.m. to complain about the noise.

One Niagara area resident wrote an email about her family’s experiences on the holiday weekend.

We continue to be exposed daily to the well-known harmful emissions from the ill placement of Industrial Scale Wind Turbines to our home.  We cannot enjoy our property and home, outside or inside, due to the constant crashing, swooshing and thumping inside and outside of our home.  

The Industrial Wind Generators are whomping along with what I refer to as microbursts.  A constant swoosh can be heard inside and outside of our home with thump thump thumps.  I am highly agitated without sleep and being exposed to these emissions. This causes frustrations, alters moods and has stolen what I used to enjoy about living in my sanctuary, aka, as my HOME!!!!!!!!

Last night my bed was vibrating.  VIBRATING!  The vibrations could be felt throughout the home by all of us and felt in our bodies.

I am disrupted during sleep several times during the night.  Especially when you are woken by your bed vibrating and tinnitus so loud it is difficult to hear people and suppressing the high pitch screaming in your ears is impossible.  The more sleep disturbances, the more tired and the more difficult it is to handle the various symptoms forced onto us by this illegal legislation.  My head is under pressure with a headache requiring an aid to suppress the pain.   My skin is crawling.  Waves of vertigo coupled with nausea diminish my comfort and well-being.  Vertigo also challenges my stability while up and down in my daily routine.  As long as vertigo is present, my stability is at risk.  My ears are under pressure and that pressure extends behind my ears, below my ears and spreads down my throat while I am also trying to cope with tinnitus, a stiff neck and pressure on my chest. 

Our lives have been turned inside out … [this] is a complete violation of our rights as Canadians. 


 A family in Huron County also complained to the MOECC about their experiences in what was supposed to be a pleasant family weekend at the farm:

Some of us had very restless nights… One of our guests has had some very unsettling experiences today, October 8th.

Experienced SEVERE sudden onset of knife like ear pain while sitting against a south wall inside our home.  This happened in the morning (we were away for a couple of hours) and then later again when we arrived home – the same experiences.   This person has never felt anything like it before and has been quite literally shocked by what is happening and is very disturbed by it – and now is trying to rest due to a severe headache.  

I hate what this Wind Power Plant has done to our personal lives, our physical and mental health, etc.

Another Huron County resident, forced to live inside the K2 wind power plant, wrote this to the Spills line last Friday:

Today, I cannot enjoy my property and home, outside or inside, due to cyclical TONALITY. The wind is from the SW, WSW.  The wind speed at ground level is relatively low.  The TONALITY is rising and lowering in intensity, modulating up and down and it is SICKENING, like fingernails on a chalk board!  This causes frustrations, alters moods and has stolen what I used to enjoy about living in my home.  It is disruptive to our daily life and dangerous to our health.  

None of these complaints received immediate response.

All the MOECC is offering to do at present is more noise testing, using its flawed and limited measurement protocol.

The MOECC’s mandate is to protect the environment and human health.

Except when the people who really count are huge, multi-national wind power corporations.


Stan Thayer

“I’m very serious about this,” she told reporters. “I’ve made it my business to get to understand what goes on in rural Ontario and in the agriculture community.”
A March 2013 quote from the Ontario minister of agriculture,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Kathleen Wynne.
Was she casing areas to put family farms out of business and install IWT’S?
Stan Thayer


Well folks, I’m sorry to say, I have been making complaints to the spills action center for YEARS, since 2009 actually and I have not received one response! My home sits amongst 18 industrial wind turbines-within a 3 km radius of my home, the closest one being 400meters from my house. I had the same experience, symptoms as what I have read.
I finally had sense enough to leave my home thank you to my son, after a year and a half of living this hell-which included exposure to toxic infrasound. Before then, I left my home many nights in a dangerous state iof lethargy; throwing up, suffering from diarrhea, uterine hemorrhaging, bp as high as the 200/150 range. Ears were ringing, vision blurry, sweats, were other symptoms associated with exposure to the low frequencies.
I was often humiliated beyond belief. “It’s all in your head” was a comment I often heard.
My empty house has been vandalized-paint balled twice since I have vacated it. . I continue to pay a mortgage and taxes on my property which is now zoned industrial since the turbines were built.
I am a 55 year old professional woman-a high school teacher/dept. head who was in great health before the turbines were built around my home. At one time I had 20 + lesions in my brain, I am vision and hearing impaired, have memory loss. I have experienced a small stroke, 2 Tako pseudo attacks. My bones are brittle-I have experienced broken ribs on a couple of occasions as a result of falling-due to dizziness. I’ve had shingles on the side of my face. Years later I still experience severe nerve pain on my face as a result. TMJ in my jaw on the same side of my face was also another very painful problem I experienced. I was anemic at one time due to blood loss. I have recovered after having a uterine ablation procedure. My teeth are now falling out. Fatigue is extreme.
I am no longer permitted to return to a career I loved very much. I have a brain aneurism-with the pre existing condition it was deemed to be a too stressful of an environment putting me at high risk for another stroke! I was denied disability for months by OTIP. Imagine the stress that brought me-in my single income household. This entire situation has torn my community and family relations to pieces.
I recently asked Mike Crawley the original CEO of the wind farm, former president of our Federal Liberal Party to purchase my house for a reasonable amount of money-only to be told “sorry, contact the current company of the wind farm!” Oh…and my teeth are dying -I have list one and have 3 more on deck to go! It ain’t over yet; who knows what to expect in the future in regards to my health.
My poor Belle, an 18 year old Austrailan shepherd is just recovering from her second surgery-cancer since she has been exposed to the turbines.
Many neighbours who did not move have died: heart attack, diabetes, cancer, suicide were the causes of their demise. Two others developed full blown dementia and now reside in homes.
Those of you living amongst turbines need to believe this could happen to you. Denial of the negative health impacts experienced is common. People don’t want to leave their homes. Some may say you can’t afford it. When it comes to life or death, you would be surprised how resourceful one can be. Yes, it may require to give up common everyday lifestyles we take for granted-I’m not talking luxuries here.
It is very difficult for me to pay a mortgage on my home while paying rent to live somewhere else away from my home. I’ve lived in a snake infested shack with no running water. It was cold; it was brutal. It was almiost like being homeless.
That’s a choice you must make. Sometimes I wonder if I should have stayed at my home until I succombed to the harmful effects of exposure to the frequencies to the wind turbines-a ling drawn out illness has been nothing less then torture.
By now you are likely overwhelmed, shocked at what I have told you; don’t know what to think of don’t! Like many others, just write me off as being crazy! Whatever…Its all there in my medical reports that u have shared with many international doctors. Peer reviewed published scientific research is out there.
I gave it one hell of a kick at the can, my best. I’ve had enough. It is what it is, and the same fate may get the best of you who live too close to turbines as well.
You have some serious thinking to do and choices to make. How much do you value your life???
How about you Prime Minister Trudeau or Premiere Wynne: is my life worth nothing to you? Why aren’t you helping me?


Tracy, I have never “written you off as being crazy”. I have done everything I possibly can think of doing, short of illegal behaviour, on behalf of all of us who are being/have been harmed.
After researching information on the psychological and physical harm to human health of this horrible incursion, I fully get all that you have shared about the harm you have experienced.
In Huron County, we have some of the most ridiculous siting situations, but no turbines are at 400 meters from a home. Nonetheless, the details of harm are similar. The Waubra Foundation lists them for anyone who is reading this and has not yet ‘connected the dots’ between the changes to their health and the turbines around their home.
Despite hundreds of heartfelt letters to Kathleen Wynne, to my knowledge, not once has she ever responded or spoken publicly about the people being harmed.We all get the same canned message from her office and nothing more.
When our MPP spoke out so clearly on our behalf at Queen’s Park in late May of 2016, it was absolutely shocking how both Glen Murray and Kathleen Wynne responded. It was a disgrace. At least Glen Murray made the decision to quit shortly thereafter.
The turbines are still running here and the residents are doing everything they can to be the force of resistance. After 30 months of this, the level of disillusionment with this government is extremely high.
I’m glad you are not plaguing you’re mind with all of this. Words cannot express how sorry I feel that you and so many others have been harmed.

Tracy (T3 Tracy from turbine town) my handle of this original site many moon ago

Shall I call the waaaaaambulance? Chatham-Kent, Niagara, Huron and others people in Shelburne and Clear Creek Ontario
have been crying for help for a DECADE!!! Where were you in our early days of darkness and despair?
As it has turned out, this forum acted simply as a sounding board for the victims of assault from industrial wind turbines. This in itself has been very depressing; like a broken record played over and over again. What has the government done to help us and stop this insanity and torture to the people of Ontario? Absolutely NOTHING, they turn a blind eye, hoping we’ll go away and die, seriously.
My strategy recently has been to stay away from this site; my spirited and psychological well being are much improved.
I live each day to the fullest I can, out from beneath this dark cloud.
This site is not enough. We must be proactive-take the time, miss work and a pay cheque to do so if necessary. Complacency and nicey nice isn’t your friend here people.
We are at war people. It is a silent war. We must take it to Queens park, for days on end, as long as it takes. Don’t tell me we must be non violent. We have countries at war. We have ISIS. We have terrorism. Laws are broken every day. People are killed. So what, throw a few stones and call names? This is nothing compared to the hell I have lived since the invasion of the iWTs on Ontario at my home in Clear Creek in 2008.
Where’s my place to stand Ontario? “Equal” rights Wynne? It certainly is not at my home. Throw me in jail; at least I’ll have a place to lie my weary body, food in my belly and a warm shower ha!
I propose we protest, camp out, pitch tents, make our community on the lawn of Queen’s Park. Build it, they will listen.
Of those of you on this site,do I have any takers for the proposal? Speak now or forever hold your peace!


And how many IWT developers have IWTs near where they live?

Check this out on the internet.

Richard Mann

We are still waiting for Huron County Health Unit…

An investigation into health impacts of wind turbines was initiated in March 2016. (Ontario’s HPPA, Health Protection and Promotion Act).

Since then we have had one delay after another, and still no remedy for those living under turbines.

As of Sept 19, 2017, Erica Clark informed me they have heard back from University of Waterloo ethics requesting “some final wording changes in the study materials”. Meanwhile I have been told that all communications of the ethics board, including the names an positions of the applicants, is confidential.

I am asking for transparency, and for immediate action on this urgent health issue.

For further details, including correspondence and my own research on Infra sound and wind turbines, please see my web page below.

Richard Mann
Associate Professor, Computer Science
University of Waterloo

Maks Zupan

True horror stories. These ruthless and self serving methods are normally part of the totalitarian, not democratic system. Ms Wynne should spend some real time on such locations. He total lack of response, reason and compassion is a kind of a sad record. Absurd, fanatical, unproven, and costly dogma about the usefulness and impact of wind turbines.
Total politization of the energy policy. .Ms Wynne does not even listen to PEO and OSPE, both parts of the respectable engineering organisation with some 80.000 professional engineers. Should leave technical judgments to engineers.. Soon we will have no other choice but to impeach her.

Maks Zupan, P.Eng.


Thank you Sommer, Barbara, Richard and all; I know an appreciate your support and the work you continue to do. There are some people who do “get it”.
I’m sick of being sick, and definitely done with being nice. This is war folks. Trudeau best get off his crock small talking Ivanka about subjects of common ground. Take care of the people of Ontario first. Ten years of this crap is not acceptable.
(Justin now running along side of Wynne with their tail between their legs. Maybe they’ll catch up with Dalton. The passage of time does not forget or excuse these people from crimes…war crimes…


All readers need to view this newly released documentary:
which puts into historical perspective how we got to this crisis in Ontario. I asked James Corbett to look into our situation here in rural Ontario and in his usual thorough and well researched style, he has put many of the pieces of the puzzle together. You’ll see industrial scale turbines throughout both parts of the documentary and a focus on the current energy agenda by the oil oligarchs in the last half of the second video. He names names with the accuracy of a journalist/detective. James promises to continue this work. This is truly exciting! Help get it out to all who are administrators of this energy agenda and to all government agents who are ushering it in without realizing the end goal.

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