Oneida First Nations says Ontario, U.S. wind power developer failed duty to consult

February 17, 2018

Oneida Chief Randall Phillips with Dutton Dunwich Council: approval process not transparent, not “straight up” [Photo Vicki Gough/PostMedia]

The St. Thomas Times-Journal has reported that the Oneida First Nation in the London area of Ontario is not happy with the approval process for a wind power project that saw them left out of the consultation process entirely, while the Chicago-based power developer went to other First Nations, one as far away as north of Lake Superior, near the Manitoba border.

Oneida Chief Randall Phillips says the wind power approval process in Ontario is “not straight up” and is rife with flaws.

The First Nations that did lend their support to the Dutton Dunwich project claimed that they have few if any opportunities to participate in renewable energy projects, and that they saw the project as a way to enrich their community. Meanwhile, members of the First Nation that would be affected by the project were not even made aware it was being proposed.

The Ontario government, as the Crown, has a legal obligation to consult with Aboriginal peoples when it contemplates decisions that may adversely affect Aboriginal or treaty rights.

In 2014, the Fort William First Nation took legal action to show that both the wind power developer and Ontario had failed in their duty to consult over a proposed wind power project. The project was eventually not approved, for a variety of reasons, not least of which were First Nations concerns about consultation and environmental impact.

The “Strong Breeze” project by U.S. power developer Invenergy has gone through the formal application process and is now waiting for Renewable Energy Approval (REA) by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. #MOECC . A referendum held by the municipality showed that 84 percent of resident opposed the project but the Ontario government proceeded with the application-approval process anyway.

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Stan Thayer

It has been proven that the Ontario Wynne Liberals have no legal responsibility. Their smiling lawyers will confirm that!
If any IWT’S get put on hold, I would say it has more to do with the memory of OKA and Caledonia. The pylons that did get installed to the feeder on the Caledonia line are still standing empty and probably will stay that way.
Another community, just north of the 401, was promised 100% renewable energy supply and wondrous financial gains.
Even after being warned they swallowed the whole pitch, hook, line and sinker.
Now they have IWT’S and land lease arrangements and increased expenses with foreign corporations that will probably outlive the people that signed the agreements.
Again, benefit government!
As I have read the act says that Aboriginal and First Nation’s must be included. It does not say, in their local territory of interest. The developers have signed one group anywhere and chose that to mean everywhere.
In these modern times with the access to information it makes me sick to watch the straight faced deception and outright lies by the government and blind ignorance of their ministries all for the almighty dollar.
For your interest, watch the clearance lights on any IWT. If the lights are not on at night it probably is not even connected. Also if the blades are turning slowly when it is calm then the unit is using power to turn and prevent flat spots on the runner shafts. If it is a windy day control braking power is needed to stop vibrations and total collapse.
The,”scale of numbers”, has not worked!
The overall cost has not decreased as prophesied it has increased exponentially with time.
None of this will be properly archived because the Wynne government spoils or deletes detrimental data.
When they say, “no hard copy”, I know why!
Stan the power man


Here is the statement from the website:
“Billions of dollars have been spent on intermittent wind and solar and for backup natural gas generation. These new sources of supply are heavily subsidized by ratepayers and are significant contributors to Ontario’s rising electricity prices.

Unspecified costs for smart grid/emerging technologies and transmission/distribution infrastructure necessary for integrating and managing variable electricity production and changing consumer demand will drive the price /kWh up even further.

By 2030, ratepayers and/or taxpayers will be paying for the decommissioning and waste management costs for some of this wind and solar generation.

Building more wind and solar generation will increase GHG emissions. These intermittent sources require backup more than 70% of the time, a role played by carbon emitting natural gas generation.

No more wind and solar generation should be built. Any future investments should be based on affordability, solid cost benefit analyses and realistic targets.”

Richard Mann

Dear Stan,
Regardless of mechanical and economic problems, we need to stop turbines immediately based on known health harm.

Have you read this latest document, from Engineers Ireland?

Please note the following published at the end of the above article. Why are Engineers Ireland pointing to a decision made by a government agency in Australia?

“The opinions expressed in this article are the authors’ own and do not represent the views of Engineers Ireland. For details of the Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal Decision into the effects, if any, of ILFN on human health, please read the following document (PDF): waubra-and-acnc-decision. The section of the Australian decision that deals with Prof Alves-Pereira’s testimony is on pages 123-124.”


There’s councillor McKillop last on the left… he’s working hard not representing his constituents…. voting against his fellow councillors… not listening to the people who voted him to his position of councillor.
Mr. Mckillop has no right ignoring his constituents 84% opposition vote against the wind project in Dutton Dunwich… Mr McKillop has gone rogue. Mr. McKillop feels he has vast knowledge of all the aspects of the wind project including health and safety. He feels that 3.5 MW 650 foot industrial wind turbines with 550 M setback are sufficiently safe for all Dutton Dunwich residents… good luck getting re- elected in 2018 Mr McKillop….


What people need to realize is that the community consultation process can be managed in such a way that any voice of opposition to a proposed plan will be squelched, using tactics that are now well known. Find out for yourselves how the Delphi tactics are being used to give the impression that the community was consulted.

Richard Mann

In Ireland there was a (supreme?) court decision that called wind turbine projects 30MW or greater, “projects of strategic importance”.
Can anyone find me a link to that ruling?


Some History

Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate change, Last up-dated Oct.17, 2016

‘Goal 5: Seek opportunities to collaborate with others’

Scroll down to:

Action 37: Participate in the territorial approach to climate change’

Includes UNFCCC Framework and with some information back to COP, Copenhagen 2009.


The panel of ‘experts’ listed in the News Release above led the way into this mess.


Windsor Hum


Zug Island is an island in the Detroit river. And there is another steel plant a short distance up the Rouge river which empties into the Detroit river.

Sometimes the steel plant slag piles explode.

Sound travels through water as well as bedrock.


There is and has been a concentration of heavy industry in or near the downriver Detroit – Windsor area along the Detroit river going back ~ 100 years.

Result is a “hum” ? And this “hum” might be greater in some areas than in other areas ?

Stan Thayer

Good evening good Liberal voters of Ontario.
At 5 PM today, February 22, 2018 the windmill backup gas plants were providing at moments more than twice the electrical power than all, I said, ALL, the thousands of windmills in the province of Ontario.
Now hear yee!
I just came off a wet snow laden roof near Ottawa that might collapse putting the occupents out of power.
So what who cares!
Severe flooding has claimed at least one life near Orangeville already. Heavy rains and warm air has caused an unusually fast frechette. Great for producing hydro power.
The IWT’s today were at the lowest output this week.
The hydro dams throughout the province are spilling full throttle by Liberal government legislation while the taxpayers of Ontario fund out of province corporations to not produce power.
Then, if you are not too mad for more!
Check on gridwatch to see what the Ontario
Liberals are purchasing from Quebec this evening to supplement the gas plants.
But to get serious!
SHOUT OUT to the emergency response teams around Brantford and along the Grand.
Well done and thank-you.
Stan the power man


Opinion/Commentary Article

‘Grassroots action for renewable energy: how did Ontario succeed in the implementation of a feed-in-tariff system’

Published 2012, 11 pages

Re: Collaboration and other factors including some history.

Abstract & paper

Would love to say

Maybe, just maybe, my grade 8 schooling has not been discredited. 45 years in the electrical industry next April 2018.

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