Ontario: a place to get out of, says economics prof

The Wynne government says it wants to “decarbonize” Ontario; they might as well have said “euthanize” says Guelph economics prof Ross McKitrick. Time to leave.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne listens to a question from the media.
Photo: Canadian Press, Chris Young

Ross McKitrick: Climate crazy Ontari-ari-ario’s no place to grow, but to get the hell out of

The Financial Post, May 17, 2016

The latest news out of Queen’s Park is that Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals plan to deindustrialize Ontario. Of course they don’t call it that; they prefer the term “decarbonize.” But for an industrial economy, the government’s new climate action plan, leaked to reporters this week, amounts to the same thing.

The proposed scheme beggars belief. Having phased out coal-fired power, the province now plans to phase out natural gas, the only reliable alternative for non-baseload generation. Despite electric cars being extremely costly and unpopular, more than one in 10 new car sales will need to be electric, and every two-car household will have to own at least one electric car. All homes listed for sale will require a costly energy audit. Home renovations will have to be geared around energy efficiency as the government defines it, not what the homeowner wants.

Around the time that today’s high-school students are readying to buy their first home, it will be illegal for builders to install heating systems that use fossil fuels, in particular natural gas. Having already tripled the price of power, Queen’s Park will make it all but mandatory to rely on electricity for heating.

There will be new mandates and subsidies for biofuels, electric buses for schools, extensive new bike lanes to accommodate all those bicycles Ontario commuters will be riding all winter, mandatory electric recharging stations on all new buildings, and many other Soviet-style command-and-control directives.

The scheme is called the Climate Change Action Plan, or CCAP, but it would be more appropriately called the Climate Change Coercion Plan: the CCCP.

Reportedly there has been some pushback against this lunacy from within cabinet. While Environment Minister Glen Murray is driving it forward with enthusiasm, his colleagues with economic portfolios are expressing some reluctance. One imagines they have an intuitive sense the CCCP is misguided, but they struggle to say why.

Perhaps I can help. Even if one accepts mainstream climate science as interpreted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), it does not imply that carbon dioxide emissions impose infinitely high costs and should be driven to zero. It only tells us that such emissions may impose modest external costs on other people that emitters should pay for. Nor does it tell us that those emission-related costs are greater than the costs of trying to stop climate change. In fact, the IPCC reports strongly suggest otherwise. Chapter 10 of the IPCC Working Group II report concludes that at low levels of warming (up to two degrees Celsius) the costs will be small relative to the impacts of other economic changes in peoples’ lives, and may well be negative (i.e., a possible net benefit from mild warming).

Translated into practical economics, we could assume that emitting a tonne of carbon dioxide causes a small amount of harm to other people: roughly between zero and 20-dollars’ worth. So emission-reduction policies that cost less than $20 per tonne to implement could be justified based on mainstream science and sound economics. Policies costing more cannot.

The Murray plan however is laden with policies that will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per tonne to implement — far more than the value of any environmental benefits they generate. They will drive away investment and employment, raise the cost of living and eliminate economic opportunities. No longer will Ontari-ari-ario be “A Place to Grow”; it will be a place to get the hell out of if you want a job and a decent standard of living.

Read the full story here.

Ross McKitrick is professor of economics at the University of Guelph and research chair at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.


Andre Lauzon

It is time for massive walks on Queen’s park and request THE IMMEDIATE
resignations of Wynne, Chiarelli and Murray and call for new elections ASAP. Those nut cases are going to ruin us all.

Justifiably Pissed Off

There will be no massive walks on Queen’s Park. Unfortunately this is not the nature of Ontarians.


Ontario has been “ground-zero” since the get-go. Now a “sustainability” plan is being presented.

Makes me wonder if anything took place in Paris last December?


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Watching Justin Trudeau bully his way through the opposition in the house is just like the Liberal Green Energy Acts trampling of rural Ontarios’ right to oppose wind turbine projects… GET OUTA MY WAY !!!!!

Gregory Latiak

When I see this kind of stuff in the public press it really makes me wonder if the government even looks at it? It does appear that in Ontario at least the relationship is that the people are the servants of the government instead of the other way around. So why bother to look? With no recall facility and having passed public funds to certain groups it appears they are secure in staying in power. And the ‘talk to the hand…’ gestures in photos are really priceless. Their ideas have veered from merely bad to mad and dangerous. Problem is that if they succeed in trashing the economy, how will any of the massive debts they have run up ever be paid?


Going from” merely bad to mad and dangerous” is now so evident and true.

And the question now is it too late to turn things around?


Unfortunately it’s our kids and grandkids that will pay the price…. we will pay until they snuff us out and then they can get their hands on the next generations wealth …. what’s left of it… never been so unsure of what the future hold for our families in Ontario…. look out Canada here come the next wave of … HYDRO REFUGEES!!!! Forced from our land by a wasteful greedy dictatorship… The Liberals….


High hydro rates are part of the “sustainability” plan as well.

Make electricity unaffordable.


At least this much is now out in the open:

Renewable energy brought into Ontario
High hydro rates
Sustainability plan revealed

Now urban residents are included/caught-up in the”plan”.

Pat Cusack

Very scary stuff!


U.S. House of Representatives, May 18, 2016

‘GOP Member Letter to Environmental Activist Organizations On Coordinated Efforts to Deprive Scientists of First Amendment Rights’

Letter sent to 8 organizations in the U.S.


Click on the article title > click on the individual letters.

Could any of this spill over into Canada? Some of these organizations have connections to Canada.


Wow….. so if I understand this document correctly any one or any organization that dares to question the government authority on climate change or the science behind it could very well face prosecution……
can you say….
GAZSTOPO… can’t wait till the vans pull up in the middle of the night to collect those that question the government….. good times coming….

Pat Cusack

To Justifiably Pissed Off:
Actually, we did descend on Queen’s Park en masse a number of years ago to protest the closing of hospitals in the province. Did it do any good? Are you kidding me?! A total waste of time and energy – again.


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