Ontario endangering wildlife for wind power: do you agree?

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Ontario says the “overall benefit” of wind power justifies killing even endangered species of wildlife. What do you think? 

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources issued a permit for a wind power developer to kill Blanding’s turtles, a species at risk in Ontario, so it could build a wind power plant on Ostrander’s Point in Prince Edward County, a recognized Important Bird Area as well. The move was opposed by Nature Canada, the Sierra Club and others. Now, the Ministry no longer requires permits for wind developers to harm wildlife, even Endangered and at-risk species such as migratory birds and other forms of wildlife. Do you approve of Ontario’s birds and animals being killed to make way for large wind power generation projects? 
Results to February 13, 2014.

Total Respondents: 1,250



If anyone is thinking “oh well, if I switch to wood heat I’ll still survive. Well, guess what folks……..there’s a shortage of hardwood in Rural Ontario and it isn’t a short term problem!!! Maple is basically gone! Overcutting and lack of regeneration is one problem along with the new Boreal Forest Act which will eliminate any “human’s Being able to access our previous “Public Natural Resources. Then along comes Propane!……..shortage and almost 3 times the cost IF you can get delivery than it was last year.
All in all, this Ontario Government is going full on with FREEZING RURAL ONTARIANS out of their homes………………..but then the answer is a 250 square foot box in Toronto that is heated with candles and next to the train tracks to take you to work and back home!
It’s called Agenda 21 in action and Wynne and buddies are all over it!……….put that sweater on!


The only species that should be sacrificed….is Liberals. Those disgusting creatures….we can live without!


Let them wear sweaters.


Ontarions have had a chance to protect themselves for some time. Many are between apathy and ignorance. The Ldcs prey on them particularly Nat gas. With power many don’t vote in an informed way or don’t even vote. As an energy marketer and guys like Parker Gallant we are voices in the wilderness. In Ontario if you snooze you lose and you may freeze in the dark on the steps of bankruptcy court. Can’t you hear the giant sucking sound of your taxes coming out of your pockets and into Queen’s Park. We have seen nothing yet. Wait till we start to dispose of the nuclear waste once if ever they figure out how to do it.


We already do you idiot


I was thinking of the phrase, “Let them eat cake!” which is attributed to Marie Antoinette. It was her response when the starving people cried out that they had no bread. There is a similar phrase attributed to a Chinese emperor who, on hearing that the people had no rice said, “Why don’t they eat meat?”
It was idiotic of me not to spell it out for people who have not read history. Thank you for so graciously pointing out the error of my ways.

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