Ontario government turns “spill penalties” into benefits; but what about wind power polluters?

As the unfortunates who live among industrial-scale wind turbines in Ontario know, the only recourse for the environmental noise produced by the power generators is to call the Ministry of the Environment “Spills Line” which is also what is used for spills of pollutants into the air, onto the earth, or into water.
While spills into earth, air and water are reported on to the public annually, as far as we can tell, the hundreds of reports that have gone to the MoE spills line, go nowhere—they are recorded at the district office, and acted on–or not–but the general public receives no notice of them.
Today, the Ontario government’s PR machine issued an announcement that the penalties assessed industry in Ontario for spills are now going specifically for wonderful environmental projects in the province, through the Ontario Environment Community Fund.
The news release is here
Interesting paragraph:
“The Ontario Community Environment Fund is built on the principle that polluters must pay for breaking environmental laws.”

The people in Communications must have forgotten to add the following paragraph, though, to provide complete transparency and accountability (used to be called “honesty”):
  polluters must pay for breaking environmental laws…unless you are the Ministry itself and bless the killing harming and harassing of wildlife, destruction of the natural environment, and causing health problems among rural Ontarians.

NextEra removes a Bald Eagle nest. Ontario passed legislation in 2013 that makes it illegal for anyone to tamper with a Bald Eagle nest UNLESS they are involved in renewable power generation. Photo by Esther Wrightman.



The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is constructing an IWT on their grounds in the U.K. Why, I don’t know, because this organization may have been corrupted by Big Wind.

So . . . who to trust – this Royal Society or people protecting land values, a traditional rural vibe and an accumulation of land for insider use?

Uh . . . I pick curtain A.

And, I attract almost no drooling abuse.


I mentioned The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

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