Ontario green energy policy actually harms environment: Amherst Island group

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One of ten species of owl that may be found on Amherst Island, in world-famous Owl Woods.

Harming the environment to “save it” is the Ontario government’s apparent credo

NEWS RELEASE August 27, 2015

Ontario green energy program to damage Amherst Island environment                

STELLA, ON, Aug. 27, 2015 /CNW/ – The Ontario government claims to be a leader in environmental action but this week’s approval of a huge wind power project on Amherst Island will harm, not help the environment, say community leaders.

“Approval of this power project indicates the hypocrisy of the government’s wind power program,” says Michele Le Lay, spokesperson for Association to Protect Amherst Island. “Constructing and operating wind turbines here will do great harm to the natural environment.”

The island, a short ferry ride from Millhaven, is home to endangered species of wildlife and a known resting place for migrating birds each spring and fall. Heritage Canada’s National Trust named it one of Canada’s Top Ten Endangered Places in 2014 due to the threat of the power project.

The government placed 27 conditions on the power project’s approval, including a requirement that the power developer report on damage to the environment.

“There are places where wind turbines just shouldn’t go,” says Le Lay. “This is one of them.”

SOURCE  Wind Concerns Ontario

Wind Concerns Ontario president Jane Wilson said the Amherst Island power project is “at the core of what we’ve been saying about the Ontario Liberal government’s wind power program—everyone wants to do what’s best for the environment, but invasive, destructive wind power projects, which actually produce power on an intermittent basis out of phase with demand, is not the way to help the environment.

“Amherst Island is an emblem of the government’s failed green energy program: it will harm the natural environment, it will cause distress to people in the community, and it will add to Ontario’s economic woes.”


For more information on Amherst Island, go to the Association to Protect Amherst Island website here.

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