Ontario Liberal Party launches new ads

In a folksy email to people in Ontario yesterday, Premier Kathleen Wynne announced that she was not going to engage in attack ads, and then debuts… a new series of attack ads.

View the first ad in the pre-election campaign campaign, here.


Parker Gallant

I got a personally addressed e-mail message from Premier Wynne expounding on how she was disillusioned so I sent my reply as follows:


Thank you for your message. I note you have the same view as I do-we are both disillusioned! In your case it appears be the nastiness in politics but in my case it is much different.

I am disillusioned at the contempt that your party has had for the taxpayers of the province,
disillusioned by the huge debt the province has accumulated in the past 11 years,
disillusioned by the knowledge that my children and grandchildren will have to pay for that debt,
disillusioned by the $1.1 billion wasted in moving two gas plants,
disillusioned by knowing those gas plants were needed to back up useless wind turbines that your party has foisted on rural communities, without their blessing or approval,
disillusioned by the complete waste of money spent by MetroLinx on the PESTO card,
disillusioned by the obvious comtempt your appointees to the PanAm Games committee have for our tax dollars,
disillusioned by paying foreign wind developers for power that they don’t have to deliver to the electricity grid,
disillusioned by being told that my electricity rates have just gone up again (we can count on them to increase every 6 month) to pay for contracts that are going to foreign companies (including one whose CEO was the former President of the OLP) to pay for their wind and solar generation,
disillusioned by being told by your party you would not raise taxes but found I had to pay a “health premium” that constituted the largest tax grab in Ontario’s history,
disillusioned by having to pay the PST on items like electricity and heating fuel that were previously exempt,
disillusioned by the closing of rural hospitals and the apparent gutting of the health system outside of major urban centres,
disillusioned by having to continually pay the “Debt Retirement Charge” which should have paid off the “residual stranded debt” 5 years ago,
disillusioned by knowing my tax dollars are going to pay for pension plans that require only $1.00 of employee contributions and $4.00 from our taxes, and are indexed to inflation while I exist on a pension that hasn’t changed in 12 years,
disillusioned with knowing that each and every time I hear ads telling me to conserve energy on radio or see them on TV and they finish with; “Paid for by the Ontario Power Authority” that it is really my tax dollars,
disillusioned with knowing that the OLP was behind the deletion of e-mails that might implicate individuals that executed their duties in perhaps a criminal fashion,
disillusioned with the waste of funds associated with the ORNGE debacle where police are investigating what may turn out to be criminal activity,
disillusioned by the knowledge that the OLP can play nice during an election because they can depend on the union front or as disguised, “Working Families” to produce (as you note in your message to me) “Blatant distortions of an opponent’s position or record.”, which goes to the “mudslinging” comment, and I am,
disillusioned that you would ironically use the words; “what I think is right-for the province and its hard “working families” in your message to me.

I could have gone on and on but if you care to read and digest this short list you will understand why many people in Ontario (your words) “are turned off politics.”

I would recommend that the Ontario Liberal Party should engage in a cleansing exercise before you blame your woes on others.

Yours truly in complete disillusionment,

Parker Gallant,

A totally disillusioned husband, father, grandfather, voter, taxpayer

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