Ontario Liberal video of Premier running in rural Ontario (not a turbine in sight)

The Ontario Liberal Party has just released a new promotional video of Premier Kathleen Wynne, who is seen running in a lovely rural Ontario setting (which we are told may be Belfountain). Wynne is the MPP for Don Valley West in Toronto.
  The video is not going to sit well with Ontario’s rural voters whose communities have been invaded by subsidy-seeking corporate wind power developers, with the help of their own tax dollars.
  Worse, Ontario’s rural residents are having to raise funds from after-tax dollars, to fight their own government in order to protect the health of their citizens and the environment.And every Ontario electricity customer is paying for the province’s disastrous green energy program and the Green Energy Act.
   The video is here.



“Jiggers!………hoof it Kathleen….it’s the cops!”


It IS Belfountain… and its infamous switchback on the Forks of the Credit Road.

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