Ontario needs stronger regulations for wind farm noise: WCO


Blackburn News, September 24, 2015

by Janice MacKay

Wind Concerns Ontario says it’s clear Ontario’s current turbine setbacks are affecting the health of nearby residents.

A submission to the province says it is unacceptable that the Ministry of the Environment’s proposed new regulations for large industrial scale wind turbines ignore sound emissions altogether.

The group was hoping for stronger regulations in regards to low frequency noise or infra sound.

Wind Concerns President Jane Wilson says she has been told by the ministry over the telephone that complaints about noise emissions, sensations or vibrations produced by the turbines, number in the thousands.

The group requested further details on the complaints last april, but has not received the information before the deadline to comment on the new regulations.

Wind concerns says the Health Canada study showed 25 per cent of residents are extremely annoyed by the noise levels from turbines set back 550 metres, which is the legal distance in Ontario

The group points out that a report from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health concluded five years ago there were key data gaps in relation to turbine noise levels–gaps that have not been addressed five years later.


To see Wind Concerns Ontario’s submission to the EBR, read WCOcomments-FINAL-2015

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