Ontario rejects wind farms: 90+ communities say NO


Wind Concerns Ontario

OTTAWA Aug. 11, 2015 /CNW/ – More than 90 communities have now declared themselves to be unwilling hosts to huge power generation projects using wind turbines. The municipality of Nation, east of Ottawa, yesterday reversed an earlier statement of support, and the Town of Essex declared it wants no more wind turbines.

“The Premier promised not to force power projects on communities,” says Wind Concerns Ontario president Jane Wilson. “But we still can’t say ‘no.’ Making the unwilling host declaration is a powerful statement to this government.”

Ontario citizens are increasingly aware that large-scale wind power brings potential environmental damage, harms wildlife, is linked to health impacts due to the noise and infrasound, and is causing electricity bills to climb beyond affordability.

Despite a surplus power supply and the high cost of renewables, Ontario is contracting for more wind power this year.

“The people of Ontario are saying ‘We’ve had enough,'” says Wilson. “The current procurement program should be abandoned immediately.”


SOURCE  Wind Concerns Ontario



As more and more communities wake up and say “No” to industrial wind companies, I breathe a sigh of relief, but what will happen to the communities where there are still real people whose lives have been/are being seriously impacted by adverse health effects and the loss of the value of major investment…their home?
How will this mess get resolved?


I’ve updated ontario-unwilling-hosts.org to include both Essex and The Nation. We are now at 91 unwilling communities.

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