Ontario to add 150 megawatts of unneeded power under FIT 5.0

IESO: Still giving away money for power we don’t need …

November 3, 2016

It may have escaped notice with everything else that’s going on, and the attention being paid to the billions lost in the Ontario government’s handling of the energy/electricity portfolio, but the Wynne government –despite an assertion by the Independent Electricity Systems Operator (IESO)  that Ontario has a surplus of power and therefore the Large Renewable Procurement II was suspended — began accepting bids this week for its FIT 5.0 program.

FIT 5.0 will give out contracts for up to 150 megawatts of renewable power generation; equipment must be less than 500 kW.

Already, power developers are seeking municipal support to tot up points for the bid process, apparently circumventing the 500 kW limit by gluing individual “projects” together.

Just this week, Brant County was asked to support a project by Germany-based Prowind for five to ten turbines, each of which would be 500 kW.

There are more.

The Ontario government should cancel this program too to save Ontario ratepayers from paying for more power we don’t need, and paying still more on our electricity bills, the fastest rising bills in North America.

For information on FIT 5.0 see this.

For the Brant County story, click here.

Prowind's Head Office in Hamilton until 2013
Prowind’s Head Office in Hamilton until 2013



The “shell game” again!

If IWTs owned by U.S. companies are shut down or curtailed over “noise” issues then they could be sued under NAFTA for being unfair?

Hence the “shell game” played over the past few years by the present government over “noise” and health issues?


This liberal government is set on creating civil unrest amongst it’s citizens…… I mean… when your rights are stripped from you and your opinions are disregarded by policy makers and then to top it off they just ignore any and all dialog with the people trying to come to some understanding. … then there really is only two things left to do….
1. Move away….
2. Dig in and prepare for the worst….

I’m not moving anywhere so looks like I better get digging in some more foxholes……


I suggest all you enemies of the state / bad actors do the same…. dig in kids….

Gord Schneider

Enough Already. for the love of God, will somebody not put an end to this insanity? Does anybody in our governments speak for us? I have never seen this level of greed in my life.

Pat Cusack

Living in a nightmare!


As each day passes, with the delay tactics being used by this government at all levels and the judicial system, the people being harmed must endure the effects of noise, low frequency noise modulations and infrasound radiation on their bodies and minds…against their will!
Where else in Ontario are people being exposed to harm without protection?
None of these people consented to being harmed by industrial wind turbines and their infrastructure. From a pro-health perspective, this is absolutely wrong! The cost of compensating these people will be enormous and they absolutely deserve to be compensated for their misery.


What is needed among the scientific community, local, provincial and national government agencies, political leaders and universities involved in this crisis is honest discourse about the ethics of turning rural communities into ‘sacrifice zones’. Serious question needs to be asked and people need to be protected.


“The FIT 5.0 materials have undergone minor revisions based on the feedback received during the draft FIT 5 engagement period. The IESO considered all feedback received on the draft FIT 5 materials (availablehere), and has provided a summary of feedback with IESO responses, as well as a blackline of the changes (from draft to final). These and all other posted materials are available on the Rules and Application Materialswebpage.” From government website…

Nothing about non willing host municipalities…..
Seems they forgot about the rural people of Ontario again….. open wide or bend over rural folks it’s the only option you’re been given AGAIN!!!!

Andre Lauzon

The Liberals know this is their last years………. they must harvest $$ while they still can.


Andrea…. no it can’t happen again and again and again till the bank accounts are empty and those pigs accounts are full!!! .. it must stop now!!!! These fools are playing with every Ontarions future!!! It’s clear now that the liberal party of Canada will not listen to the rural folks of Ontario. … I am furious over this decision to keep procuring more and more unreliable intermittent costly green energy to give away to everyone else…especially when IESO has notified the liberal government we have ” a robust” supply for the next ten years….

IESO is suppose to be independent of the government. … why would they decide to procure more power when they just announced we have enough….. WHO TOLD THE IESO TO GO AHEAD WITH THIS NONSENSE!!!!!!


The “green shift” to renewables requires a lot of capital which Canada probably does not have enough of so foreign companies capital was brought into the country.

At least this is probably a contributing factor in this situation.


The IESO also increased the aggregate capacities for waterpower up from 500kW to 2 MW, so they can have 4 x 500kW cascading dams. ORA is contesting it because that was a change snuck in during the last draft without any consultation.

Not/in Southwold

Ok this is a must read for all !! its by the breakthrough institute. Cost of a German solar is four times finished nuclear it compares the kilowatt hour cost of the most expensive nuclear plant in Finland compared to ground solar . Also read history of HWY.407 another screwing Of Ontario public money let us not forget don’t use it . Kathleen if you’re digging a hole and your over you head you think you’d stop digging .


Some of us cannot endure the “noise, low frequency noise modulations, and infrasound modulation.” For those who do not understand how some people can be effected while others are not..why do some people have allergies to shell fish, peanut butter, bee stings etc.? Why do some people who smoke tobacco develop cancer while others don’t? One of those “sweet mysteries of life.”
Imagine how one feels with the sight and sound and vibrations felt of the turning of turbine blades round and round when my head is hurting, vision blurred, ears buzzing, while suffering from vertigo and throwing up in a plastic bag while I’m driving away from my home.
Yes folks it literally is all in my head: the lesions and aneurism in my brain, elevated blood pressure and cortisol levels when exposed to infrasound.
Infrasound can penetrate bones and tissue causing serious irreversible damage. It is a sensitivity that is built up over time. It does not hit suddenly. Once you have it, it is with you for life. It’s like being hit in the arm in the same spot over and over again. After a while it hurts like hell.
“Endure” meaning for me “to die” or “move” are my options! Oh yes, “some of us have to give for the benefit of others.” Quite honestly, there is a handful of people I would give my life for.
Here’s hoping the American shakedown will include a positive step forward for those suffering from vibro acoustic disease, wind turbine syndrome and/or negative health impacts caused from exposure to low frequency noise….which will also benefit those suffering in Ontario.

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