Ontario: yours to go backwards

A few weeks ago, Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne was asked if she was planning to repeal or change the Green Energy Act, given the (colossal) problems with renewable sources of power and other issues plaguing Ontario’s power system/ “We’re not going to go backwards,” she said.
 This week, Ontario couldn’t ;look more backwards if it tried—and it sure seems to be trying.
  In this weekend’s New York Times are a few articles on innovations in power generation, including using atomic waste (an idea being financed by Bill Gates), tidal power, and biomass using farm waste.
  Ontario has great potential to use creative energy technology like this and others, especially small-scale initiatives, and to explore other technology like thorium for power, but what does it do? Cancel plans to build new, efficient and reliable nuclear, in favour of huge wind power plants, which have high impact for low benefit.
  An Ontario Power Authority told a WCO member from South Branch that “We have to look at the big picture.” So far, the only “picture” Ontario is looking at is the profit picture for big corporations currently dabbling in subsidy-paying wind power.
  Here is one of the three New York Times stories. Note in the story on atomic waste, the statement by Bill Gates: “If you could pick just one thing…to reduce poverty…by far you would pick energy.”
  Ontario has picked energy alright–as a means to drive business away, and to impoverish its citizens.

Atomic waste potential: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/25/business/energy-environment/atomic-goal-800-years-of-power-from-waste.html?_r=0


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