Ontario’s $10-million DAY

Ontario: more to worry about than inside-out umbrellas
Ontario: more to worry about than inside-out umbrellas

Ontario throws another $10 million into the wind—in just one day

The wind was howling throughout Ontario November 24, 2014 and the wind turbines were cranking out power that Ontario didn’t need.  It cost Ontario’s ratepayers over $10 million dollars for just one day.

Wind generated 45,527 megawatt hours (MWh) that day and another 7,200 MWh were constrained.  At $135/MWh the power generated cost about $6.1 million and the constrained wind production cost another $900,000.

At the same time, Ontario was steaming off 6 to 7,000 MWh at Bruce Nuclear paying for that, and paying idling gas plants designed to back up wind and solar generation  The former represented a cost to ratepayers of about $400,000 and the latter about $3.7 million.  The foregoing costs came to about $11.1 million for just that one day.

While that was happening, Ontario was exporting our excess MWh and that day we supplied Michigan, New York, Quebec, etc. with 65,616 MWh at an average price of $11.18 (not a weighted average) generating revenue of about $700,000. In short, the day cost Ontario’s ratepayers well over $10 million with the other exported 20,000 MWh costs factored in.

Energy Minister Chiarelli should inform Finance Minister Sousa that he knows where that missing $509 million in the underground economy is going and just who is responsible!

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November 26, 2014

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Once electricity gets on the grid it can end up anyplace.

Quebec, Michigan, New York are just connection points with Ontario.


Didn’t we have an election about this? And the only party prepared to do something about not only lost, but lost huge.

70% of ON voted left or lefter. Arguing with facts won’t matter, only the feels matter. Wind energy is a waste you say? Skyrocketing electricity bills you say? Give it up. No enough people are listening. Renewable energy just feels too good.

Our only hope is that in 5 years the damage can be undone.

My bet: It will be too late. Enjoy the decline!


The author said it plainly wind turbines effectively contribute power, and on a ” windy ” day they really can be more effective, hence why they are called ” wind turbines”.

If the ontario government can’t control it’s production it is the wind turbine at fault? It is a truly green initiative, the explained with great detail nearly half of the over production and associated cost came from other non- green sources.

Sending cheap power elsewhere helps only those who receive it, since we seem to have a glutton of electricity maybe the govern memento should reintroduce the idea of subsidized electric heat to help reduce our provinces carbon footprint.


With out the taxpayers you would not find one money lossing windmil..


We can’t have an excess of electricity, my hydro rates just went up. Gasoline prices went down because of an excess of oil.

Question: What knowledge, capability and expertise is required for a politician to get elected? The ability to convince people they should be elected. They basically can be idiots so long as they talk a good story no matter the reality.


Guess we don’t have to worry about building any more wind towers if we can’t use up what we are generating already! So why are there more wind towers scheduled to go up in our area? Hmmm???


JasperPants, it’s not too late if the right approach is taken by rural Ontarians.

Even though health issues are the major concern there are other ways of dealing with this situation that urban people can relate to.


Yahoo, These are WIND MILLS and not TURBINES.

Look up what turbines are. These are very large pinwheels connected to a generator. No way are they connected to a turbine.


By the same token, you should look up what a mill is. No way are these things milling grain.

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