Ontario’s energy literacy plan focused on the wrong people: Parker Gallant

As Ontario loses millions in one day due to cheap power exports, while hospitals are cutting services and laying off staff, who’s really in need of energy education?

Energy Literacy: great idea, but it’s the government that needs training

Bob Chiarelli doesn't understand how losing millions in one day is a bad thing; maybe HE needs the 'energy literacy' training
Bob Chiarelli doesn’t understand how losing millions in one day is a bad thing; maybe HE needs the ‘energy literacy’ training

The Media Release issued by the Ontario Ministry of Energy February 19, 2016 could not have come at a worse time for them.  The release stated the Ministry was investing $1.35 million in “Energy Literacy to Help Fight Climate Change.”  The money is aimed at educating our children from kindergarten to grade 12 about how to “conserve energy and help fight climate change.”  One assumes the cost of the program will be picked up by Ontario ratepayers.

February 19, 2016 was a day to make that particular announcement as it turned out to be quite the day for power generation by industrial wind turbines (IWT). The wind seemed to be blowing hard in Turbine Ontario but demand was relatively low. That meant the intermittent and unreliable energy generated by the IWTs out of phase with demand was surplus to Ontario’s needs.

As the weekend proceeded things grew even worse for the Energy Ministry as the wind kept blowing on February 20th and demand was very low.  Market watchers such as Scott Luft noted that, and posted a “Worthless Wind” article on his website. Shortly after, I found myself on Steve Aplin’s website where he posted an interesting parable comparing IWT generation in Ontario for January to a very unreliable car.

Electricity generation from IWT on news release day was large, reaching over 48,000 megawatt hours (MWh) and another 26,000 MWh were curtailed (not generated), but resulted in costs for ratepayers. Curtailed generation is paid for and charged to ratepayers.

As it turned out, Ontario was also exporting a lot of surplus generation with almost 70,000 MWh leaving the province via the grid to support our neighbours in New York, Michigan, etc. The lack of demand in Ontario and the surplus generation had the usual effect on the price of that exported power as the HOEP (hourly Ontario export price) had a negative value of 9 cents per MWh. The exported surplus cost $7,000. The actual production cost, however, was over $100/MWh so total cost to Ontario’s ratepayers was $7 million dollars. 

The actual source of the exported power is indeterminable, but we can reasonably suggest the cost of the electricity generated by IWTs and the cost of the curtailed generation from those IWTs.

The best estimate of the average price of a MWh of IWT generated electricity is $123.50/MWh, so the 48,304 MWh that wind generated on February 19, 2016 cost Ontario ratepayers $5,965,544 and curtailed generation of 28,805 MWh, estimated at $120/MWh means electricity NOT generated cost ratepayers $3,096,600. In total, wind cost Ontario’s ratepayers $9,062,144 for power we didn’t need—in just one day. That is without factoring how much hydro may have been spilled, how much nuclear may have been steamed off, and how much its excess production may have driven the HOEP market down, depressing export earnings.

When you realize we also paid gas plants to idle, etc., you would be justified in asking, Who in hell designed this system as they obviously can’t be “energy literate” or know anything about conserving energy or ratepayer dollars!

The $1.35 million earmarked for energy literacy should be used to train the various politicians in the Wynne cabinet starting with the Energy Minister.

©Parker Gallant,

February 22, 2016

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent Wind Concerns Ontario policy.

EDITOR’S NOTE: What could that $7 million lost do for Ontario’s health care? According to the pre-budget submission prepared by the Ontario Nurses’ Association, many Ontario hospitals and health units are facing serious budget shortfalls and their ability to provide care is compromised. For example, “Quinte Health Care is predicting a $12 million gap between expenses and operating funding for 2015-16.” Ontario lost half the amount Quinte Health would need for one year in ONE DAY on February 19th.


Andre Lauzon

Is Chiarelli just stupid or VERY stupid.
I wish they would tell the kids the truth about the Ontario Green Energy stupid plan.


UNEP COP21, Paris, 2015, Events Program

Scroll down to: Dec.4, 2015
Time: 13:15 – 14:45

‘Learning to live with climate change – accelerating climate change education and awareness – raising’

“Education is a key vector to prepare societies for global changes, plays a central role in achieving SDGs and putting in place a global agreement on climate change.”


SDGs probably means Sustainable Development Goals.

Possible reason for spending on Energy Literacy.


According to this article due to be published Ontarians are very literate about climate change and the need for cap-and-trade in Canada.

‘The Distribution of Climate Change Public Opinion in Canada’, Feb., 2016

Partly supported by:
Skoll Global threats Fund, U.S.
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Abstract & Paper:

This paper supports cap-and-trade for Canada

Authors are from U.Montreal, U. Calif.SB, U. Utah

14 pages including maps to explain the poll numbers.

Keep throwing money at this situation.


No ……… it is the result of Government Policy that started with Mike Harris’s decision to break up Ontario Hydro and start down the road of Private/Public partnership. The liberals started listening to the small but mighty Green’s who are backed by Big Oil and pushed the wind and solar projects full well knowing they needed to back it up with Gas given they convinced the government to shutdown Coal Plants (one of which was the lowest emitter in North America due to expensive scrubbers…

Ron Hartlen

The Ontario Government has hoodwinked the Ontario Public into believing that Wind Power has gotten Ontario off coal (rubbish and not true).
Now the Federal Government is hoodwinking the Canadian Public into believing a battle has to be fought against the airy-fairy mythical “Climate Change”.
More money down the drain for no real benefit.


UNEP Financial Initiative, Est.1992, Earth Summit, RIO and now based in Geneva.

Eric Usher, Canada, Officer in charge

See: Members for list of Canadian members.



Major Canadian banks and insurance companies are pledged to fund renewable energy.

Grant Church

OK let’s have some fun with this disaster. He wants to teach our children? “Don’t you ever ask them why, if they told you why, you would cry,”

Grant Church

For Feb. 7 based on the global adjustment not being charged on the net exports and the money we lost paying them to take it for 11 hours and the price being at 0.00 cent/kwh for 9 hours, we lost $7.1 million.

Bob, what is it that you don’t understand? You did pass your math classes didn’y you?

Ross N

Had this government done their homework and checked overseas they would have known full well that these types of “energy savings” are not worth the money, but of course you can’t tell THE liBerALs anything… all they see is $$ dollar signs $$ and the need to spend!


CBC News | Politics, Feb.12, 2016

‘Clean-energy deal-signed-Friday in 1st step to green NAFTA’

“Despite a recent court-imposed delay, most environmentalists believe the plan will eventually proceed with big demand for Canadian hydro, solar, and wind.”


Remarks by Keith Stewart, Greenpeace, are included in this article.Remember his role in getting the Green Energy Act passed in Ontario back in 2009?

This will be done at the expense of rural Ontarians!


Sign trade agreements so that Canada can be sued into supplying power to the U.S.

Created a “temporary” surplus of power in Ontario until the transmission lines are installed to connect to the U.S.


I have noticed a trend. When articles are written about high wind and exporting a lot of surplus generation, these timeframes correspond to when people in our wind project seem to experience the most severe noise and health related impacts. This scheme is cruel on so many levels!


When information can NOT be gotten out of a province/state/country, then people around the world think everything is OK.


View Ref. No.6 in the Turitea Wind Farm paper.

Fairfax Media, New Zealand

Fairfax Media, Australia & New Zealand same company.

This link should work: http://www.fairfaxmedia.co.nz/Company

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