Ontario’s energy policies mean expensive, disappointing Christmas Day

Wind power a bonanza for power corporations on Christmas, but meant a bad day for ordinary consumers

December 29, 2017

Ontario had enough surplus power to provide millions with free power for Christmas Day … but that’s not what happened


A quick review of IESO data for Christmas Day 2017 shows our Energy Ministry delivered lumps of coal to all Ontario’s electricity ratepayers, whether they were good or bad.  Those lumps of coal can be seen as a gift from all past and present Energy ministers who signed contracts for the industrial wind turbines liberally sprinkled throughout the province.

This year, the IESO data shows about 54,327 MWh* was curtailed (paid for but not delivered to the grid) and paid $120/MWH. That means wind power corporations were paid over $6.5 million  ($6,519,240 to be more precise) for NOT delivering that power.

The curtailed or wasted power was enough to supply almost 2.2 million average homes with power for the day, free.

Meanwhile, the IESO accepted about 25,680 MWh, so the curtailed/suspended generation was actually 2.1 times as much as grid-accepted wind power. Wind power corporations were paid $135 per MWh — that’s another $3,467,800 so the total bill for wind power for the day was $9,987,040.

What you paid them: 39 cents a kWh

Here’s what else it means: the 25,680 MWh of power actually accepted by IESO into the grid cost $388.77/MWh* or 39 cents a kWh!  And, that 39 cents a kWh doesn’t include the costs of gas plant backup, spilled hydro or steamed-off nuclear, all of which applied on Christmas Day.

What you got paid: 1.9 cents

That’s not all: at the same time, the IESO was busy exporting surplus power to our neighbours in New York and Michigan at an average of 1,993MW (net-total exports less imports) per hour. We practically gave away 48,000MWh (rounded) at a cost to Ontario ratepayers of over $4 million.  So, Christmas Day, the day of giving, ratepayers coughed up $14 million for unneeded power whether they could afford it or not! That $14 million raised the cost to electricity customers by about $40/MWh or 4 cents/kWh.

Christmas Day is supposed to be a day of joy and giving. In Ontario though, it was a day when the result of government energy policies and mismanagement furthered hardship for many.

(C) Parker Gallant,

December 27, 2017


* Calculation is simply $8,083,200 + $3,467,800 = $11,551,000/25689 MWh = $449.80/MWh


Ron Hartlen

Thanks Parker
Direct, penetrating clarity about the reality, in the midst of the fog of misinformation.


It’s BOHICA time again ?

And check out the weather forecasts for the next couple of weeks ?


This juggernaut of idiocy can not be stopped. Ontario politicians don’t care , and putting anther party in power will change nothing. Sit back and watch inflation eat us as a result of incompetence from now on.

Maks Zupan

We have to keep sending letters to Ms Wynne (premier@ontario.ca)until we get some factual response. And Mr. Thibeault. I just sent the following:

Dear Ms. Wynne, why do you not listen to engineers and STOP with this financial and environmental disaster – your wind program based on nothing more than wind industry,s false and self serving propaganda.. You and Mr. Thibeault are a as qualified to act as professional engineers as I am to teach the Latin language! As an electrical power engineer I request your factual response. Justify your wasting of billions of our money for nothing!.
Maks Zupan P. Eng.

I sent the whole post as well. I will keep sending other material. So can you!


Thank you Maks Zupan for sending that letter. Premier Wynne and Minister Thibeault and all of the other paid and elected government agents who are responsible for the harm that these turbines have caused, have received and refused to respond to hundreds, if not thousands of letters.
Next we need to send them all ‘letters of liability’.
Hopefully in 2018, people will take time to learn about ‘letters of liability’.


Please take some time to listen to this podcast: https://inpowermovement.com/inpowered-podcast/
I contacted these people about taking the ‘letters of liability’ approach with industrial scale wind turbines and they responded immediately with encouragement.
Let’s make 2018 the year of collective efficacy to end this madness.

Stan Thayer

Thank-you Parker.
Yup, lumps of American coal delivered by a fat guy in a red suit with flying reindeer. Ya gotta love it!
Hey “Green Energy” people, yeah you.
How much natural gas does it take to heat a machine shed in the sky?
Can you ask the fat guy in the red suit?
Hey “Green Energy” people, yeah you.
Do you know that natural gas is delivered by a fat guy in a red suit with flying reindeer!
It’s true.
Solar panels covered in snow, have no output and their backup batteries adding extra load and are being charged from the grid.
It’s true.
Severe cold in the dead of winter make windmills suck more power than thousands of homes from the grid.
It’s true.
So,,,,,who should you believe?
A fat guy in a red suit?

-24 and no wind, new years eve, 2017
The grid is strong and the heat is on!
All thanks to the men and woman at the nuclear power plants and the hydro electric stations.
And I can prove that!
Stan the power man


The energy portfolio in Ontario needs to be handled by a team of highly qualified experts in the relevant fields. The Power Workers of Ontario need to be listened to. This needs to be a major election issue. The party that promises to get rid of incompetency with the energy portfolio and who speaks openly about the IPCC deception that got us into this mess with industrial scale wind turbines sited too close to people’s homes will show true leadership.

Richard Mann

Meanwhile Wynne distracts us with social justice issues: minimum wage, pharmacare for youth, promises of more public transit, etc.

Unfortunately Wind is not on the radar of many citizens.

The same thing is happening in the US. Because of his narrow senate majority, Trump has been unable to kill the PTC.

The moral here: We cannot wait for government change to stop the turbines. There is simply too much money and ego involved. A conservative government may stop expansion of Wind turbines, but don’t count on them to stop existing contracts. That will only happen if impacted citizens get involved.

Best of luck to everybody. Let’s stop Wind in 2018.

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