Ontario’s wacky power situation: a look back at 2013

Energy blogger Scott Luft has launched a multi-part look back at 2013 and the head-scratching facts about the electricity market in Ontario. Hear that spinning sound? It’s not the turbines of Big Becky…it’s Sir Adam (“power should be available and affordable for everyone”) spinning in his grave.

2013 Ontario Electricity Annual Review: Part 1 – Supply

In 2013 Ontario’s demand was little changed, while prices for the electricity commodity in Ontario escalated about 16%.
Analysing data from the year provides illustrations for many topics covered on this blog since inception: supply continues to grow while demand does not; excess generation is dumped on export markets far below the cost of supply to Ontarians, and the global adjustment pricing mechanism continues to become a greater component of the commodity charge even as it becomes clearer it’s largely improvised each month.

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