Ostrander Point hearings postponed


In a surprise and almost last minute move, the Environmental Review Tribunal announced this afternoon that the hearings scheduled for tomorrow and the rest of the week on the appeal of the Ostrander Point wind power project, have been postponed until the end of October.

The hearings were adjourned abruptly following testimony from Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry at-risk species expert Joe Crowley, that he had recommended a permit NOT be granted for the power project due to danger to the Blanding turtle, and other wildlife.

This statement comes from the appellant, the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists:

PECFN’s lawyer Eric Gillespie said that it is a big step forward in learning what the MNR experts thought about the development of this site.  He has been able to read some of Joe Crowley’s documents which show the degree to which the habitat of several Species at Risk was discussed.  There are many more documents to read.  He has also requested disclosure from Gilead Power.

“PECFN is disappointed at yet another adjournment”, said Myrna Wood, President, “in our ongoing fight to protect the PEC South Shore. However, we feel that we are beginning to get to the bottom of why and how this important natural site was threatened with destruction. We welcome full disclosure no matter how long it takes.

For more information or to help with legal fees, please visit www.saveostranderpoint.org




Oh wait, let’s see what pans out with the election. Scrap the ERT; bring in the RCMP. Throw the crooks in jail until THEY can prove themselves innocent; that is..without lying or changing the rules of the game.
Let them rot there, just like they did to me by allowing the development of IWTs around my home.
Mike Crawley, former CEO of Aim Powergen wind development surrounding my home..and…president of Federal Liberal party: have you and your side kick David Tim forgotten our meeting in Clear Creek in 2009? Hello?
What’s your pal Dalton up to these days? Enjoy your freedom; nothing is forever.

Patti Kellar

We would all welcome full disclosure. We are all however, unlikely to get it from the current Liberal government. Ever.

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