Ottawa to IESO: municipal support must be mandatory for wind power bids

Municipal approval key to sustainable development, Canada’s capital city tells the Wynne government

Ottawa: how about WE get to say what happens?
Ottawa: how about WE get to say what happens?

The City of Ottawa, Ontario’s second largest city and Canada’s capital, has sent a letter to the Minister of Energy requesting a return of local land-use planning powers removed under the Green Energy Act.

Ottawa is a city but it also has a large rural area, which makes it a “draw” for wind power developers, Councillor Scott Moffatt wrote in the letter. Moffatt is Chair of the city’s Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee, and the representative for the rural Rideau-Goulbourn ward in the city.

The City is not opposed to renewable energy projects, the letter states, but because wind power projects have “significant implications” for planning, Ottawa believes their approval should “go through the existing planning framework that takes Ottawa’s Official Plan, community sustainability, and input of the community into consideration.”

Under the current Large Renewable Procurement process, Ottawa’s letter says, municipalities’ role is “consultative” only, and without “decision-making authority.”

The letter was sent to the former Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli, whose own riding is in Ottawa.

In 2013, the City supported a Not A Willing Host declaration by residents faced with a 20-megawatt wind power project that would have been close to hundreds of homes and a school.

See the letter from Ottawa here: OttawaLetter2016-05-30-minister-chiarelli-wind-power

The Ottawa resolution, passed unanimously at Council in May reads as follows. Ottawa is among 75 municipalities now requesting the IESO and the Ontario government to make municipal support a mandatory requirement for new wind power bids.

Ask the Province of Ontario to make the necessary legislative and/or regulatory changes to provide municipalities with a substantive and meaningful role in siting wind power projects and that the “Municipal Support Resolution” becomes a mandatory requirement in the IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator) process.



Wow… will Ottawa with its Capitol status… majestic vistas… residents. …. and schools….. get diplomatic immunity from premier Wynnd and the green energy act ??? Stay tuned folks…. oh what a tangled web we weave….

Wind Concerns Ontario

Not sure what you mean: Ottawa did not escape the wind power crush. There was a proposal for a huge project and it got as close to approval as you can get, but then the government halted the FIT program. The developer then failed to qualify for the LRP I. There is no “diplomatic immunity” —Ottawa is as vulnerable as any other community, hence the resolution at Council.

Pat Cusack

Too late for us in Wainfleet/Lincoln.


It’s all a buncha malarkey as far as I’m concerned…. letters of non willing status to the IESO get the circular file if ya know what I mean!!! Now all the municipalities that are non willing hosts can sit and watch the cement trucks rolling in to pour the bases…. hmmmm … wonder if they got our letter! !!!
Already confirmation that in Dutton Dunwich Inveridiots are out surveying the sites for IWT infrastructure….. Doesn’t sound like they read our letter!!!

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