Our New Year’s wishes


On this, the eve of a new year, we would like to put forward a list of wishes for 2014.

We wish that the Ontario government would put people first and, recognizing that people want to do the “right thing,” stop punishing Ontario citizens for conserving power, and instead support innovations for power conservation and generation that we can all use in our own homes. Many people would love to have home solar arrays, on-demand water heaters and geothermal systems—but these are out of reach. Meanwhile, billions in taxpayer dollars are going to huge corporations in subsidies for forms of power generation that are not fulfilling the promises made for them.


Wind Concerns Ontario is not “anti-wind” or “anti-green”–those are labels meant to demean us and the efforts of thousands of Ontario citizens who want only to protect their communities from industrialization by wind power plants.


We wish that the Ontario government, and specifically the Ministry of the Environment, would re-draft its regulations to actually protect the natural environment, including unique landscapes, and vulnerable wildlife such as migratory birds, turtles, and bats. Bats may not be cute but they are critical to a healthy environment, for everyone.


We wish Ontario’s public health officials would take seriously the noise complaints being filed by the hundred in Ontario communities forced to host industrial-scale wind power generation facilities, and follow up on these complaints. The Ministry of the Environment sure isn’t. And, while you’re at it, recognize that infrasound from these turbines is just as harmful as it is from other sources. This environmental health problem is not going away.


We wish the Ontario government would do a cost-benefit analysis on power generation from wind, and include impact studies on local economies and residents of the communities. Many communities asked for this to be done pre-Green Energy Act, but it never was; the Auditor-General said in 2011 this was a major shortcoming…it remains uncorrected.


We wish the entire energy sector could be de-politicized and that the credo of Sir Adam Beck was once again respected: electricity should be available and affordable for everyone.


Wind Concerns Ontario will continue working for justice for Ontario’s small and rural communities, and for those people in Ontario who have had their health and their financial stability affected through the forced installation of expensive and unnecessary wind power generation projects.


It is our hope that Ontario can return to a state of economic health, and to being our home, where the rights of citizens are respected, our heritage preserved, and the beauty of our natural environment cherished and protected.


Best wishes to all for 2014.


Jane Wilson and Parker Gallant

and the Board of Directors, Wind Concerns Ontario


We return January 2nd.