Parker Gallant to Minister Chiarelli: is it my turn yet?

[Tongue in Cheek Letter # 4 ]
October 29, 2013
The Honourable Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy,
Dear Minister Chiarelli:
I hate to bother you but I’m still waiting for a response to my three letters of September 9th, September 13th and September 22nd.   I am becoming concerned about being able to not produce electricity from wind or solar and get paid for it. I sure would like to know if I can be one of the chosen ones.   I see that Mike Crawley who used to be the President of the Ontario Liberal Party has done pretty darn good.  Those CanWEA people gave him a nice pat on the back in their magazinefor getting 700 megawatts of wind turbines up and running so I`m hoping I can have the same success.  I will be happy to serve a term as President if that will help make my requests happen.  Just let me know, please! 
I see you have been very, very busy closing coal plants, raising money for the Liberal Party and visiting the Bruce nuclear plants, so I kind of understand why you haven’t answered me yet but I want to plan for all the things on my “wish list” and really want to know when the money will start coming myway.
I have also been keeping track of all the money you are saving, going back to your June announcement about the reduction in the Samsung contract.  You told us that one saved us $3.7 billion; your recent announcement about saving $95 million from closing the Lambtoncoal plant seems like small potatoes compared to the “billions and billions” you said we are saving by not building new nuclear plants. I did note however that the press release said that the coal plants were costing us $4.4 billion annually so that makes it worthwhile.  That sure sounds like they were paying way too much for coal!  Good for you for saving us all that money. 
I also read that the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) would save $200 million from constraining wind —that is a pretty big number too, which was the subject of my first letter.   The new president of IESO also said that profits from exporting our electricity had generated $5/6 billion dollars, which is even more than you said it was generating.   But he probably has more details than you do so I guess he is right about that, eh?
You have probably been way too busy to add up all those savings so I will do it for you. 
Here’s what I get:  Samsung $3.7 billion plus savings of $16 billion by not building new nuclear plants, plus $4.5 from closing the coal plants and $200 million from constraining wind.  Add the $6 billion we make from selling our electricity to NY and Michigan —I think that adds up to $30.4 billion.

Samsung Savings $  3.7     billion 
No new nuclear   $16.0    billion  
Closing coal plants   4.5     billion  
Constraining wind      .200 million                                                                                         
Exp to NY & MI$  6.0     billion                                                                                                 Total                        $30.4    billion

Impressive! I bet Finance Minister Sousa will be thanking you for getting rid of his deficit and handing him an extra $15 billion or so to pay down Ontario’s debt.  He owes you big time for saving all that money and should at least treat you to a couple of beers at your local pub near Queens Park.
I think you should hold back on some of those savings however to pay me and the other guys for not generating electricity from any wind turbines or solar panels.  
Keep up the good work but please, let me know soon about my offer as I would like to head south for the winter.  I heard the electricity rates in Florida are much lower than Ontario’s, especially now that they are going up again November 1st.
Yours truly,
Parker Gallant
The opinions expressed are those of the author and not Wind Concerns Ontario policy.

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