Poll results: Ontario says NO to killing birds, animals for wind power

The results are in: Ontario citizens expect their government to protect endangered and at-risk species of wildlife and don’t buy the belief that wind power development has an “overall benefit” that outweighs the need to protect wildlife.
Last year, US energy giant Next Era (Florida Power and Light) received a permit to move a Bald Eagle nest in Haldimand County; subsequent changes to Ontario legislation mean that now, wind power developers do not need permits for such actions.
“We don’t think the citizens of Ontario are aware that the Ontario government is supporting the wind power developers over the environment,” says Wind Concerns Ontario president Jane Wilson. “The people of Ontario believe that the government should be protecting the environment, especially wildlife, but the government seems to be placing the interests of big power developers ahead.”

 Here are the results of a public Poll hosted by Wind Concerns Ontario during February.

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources issued a permit for a wind power developer to kill Blanding’s turtles, a species at risk in Ontario, so it could build a wind power plant on Ostrander’s Point in Prince Edward County, a recognized Important Bird Area as well. The move was opposed by Nature Canada, the Sierra Club and others. Now, the Ministry no longer requires permits for wind developers to harm wildlife, even Endangered and at-risk species such as migratory birds and other forms of wildlife. Do you approve of Ontario’s birds and animals being killed to make way for large wind power generation projects?
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Total Respondents: 1,336

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