Power developer to hold open house for 100-megawatt project

South Dundas councillors and staff, spokesmen from EDP Renewables and local residents chat about the proposed South Branch Wind Farm II project during an open house Aug. 5, 2015 at Matilda Hall in Dixons Corners. (Cornwall Newswatch/Bill Kingston)

North Stormont is an unwilling host community … but a foreign power developer got a contract anyway [Photo Cornwall NewsWatch]

October 21, 2016

Portugal-based power developer EDP Renewables has scheduled an Open House in Finch, Ontario, for its 100-megawatt,  “Nation Rise” wind power project in the Township of North Stormont.

The power project could have as many as 30 industrial-scale wind turbines; it will cost the people of Ontario more than $436 million over the 20-year contract period.

The contract was one of five awarded earlier this year through the Large Renewable Procurement process by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). The IESO has since suspended the contract process planned for 2017 saying Ontario has a surplus of power and more is not needed.

North Stormont is officially an unwilling host or Not A Willing Host community, one of almost 100 in Ontario.

Community members have formed a group, Concerned Citizens of North Stormont and have vowed to fight the power project which they say is not appropriate for their community, will raise Ontarians’ electricity bills (the fastest rising in North America) even higher, and will result in no appreciable benefit to the environment.


Road Map for Finch Community Centre (North Stormont Arena)




Andre Lauzon

Can the Municipality force the Power operator to deposit 100 million $$ in a trust fund to pay for damages caused
to the agriculture by the death of birds, bees and bats. Also the $$ would be there in 20 years to remove the wind turbines ( it may cost around $200,000 ea. by then) and bring back the damaged nature to its original state.


No they can’t. … all you can do is allow them to build the IWT’S and then the wind developer will determine how much “compensation ” a community gets… DD has no idea of what the constituency plan is from Inverenergy. ….. it’s like being asked to buy a house first then see what you actually get…. no thanks !!!!

Pat Cusack

Sheer madness. Let Portugal stay in Portugal and we will look after ourselves, ourselves.


Hell ya Pat Cusack !!!! They can all go back home as far as I’m concerned. . No good for nothing wind scam!!!! They’re ripping up fields in DD looking for artifacts etc…. it’s part of the environment process…. does it still count as an enviromental assessment if the Inverenergy does the assessment!!!!! ….. nope nothing here…. didn’t find one thing!! Looks as if we’re good to go!!!! Such a flawed process top to bottom….. I gotta go sharpen my pitch forks!!!!


Read the energy development in Ontario guide for municipalities. The biggest problem is the destruction of the communities that are involved in this. Dutton Dunwhich is also receiving them after becoming a non-willing host. These guys put absolutely nothing back into the environment and give diddly squat to the community . All these communities need to get together and put more pressure and government agencies to respond . They must handover a list of proposed sites. If the landowners feel at all threatened this also could create problems for them excusing them out of their contracts i’m ready to protest and help our communities


Hell ya Rob…. these companies feel entitled to destroy communities…. families… friends… the environment. …. just like the hijacked liberal party…. so self entitled… so arrogant… so ignorant….
There is no way out of the leases. … like the green energy act they are ironclad and inpeneterable. ….
Even if you were at a MOECC environment tribunal and a blade from a turbine came off and flew right through the window killing and maiming people at the tribunal…. you would still have to prove without a reasonable doubt that turbines are in fact dangerous. … again like the big wind companies lawyers say….. wind trumps everything……


And another developing situation could be the issue of installing offshore IWTs in the eastern end of Lake Ontario.

NAFTA trade agreement involved without proper considerations as to what is/was involved? How much will this cost Ontarians?

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