Pro-wind Simon Chapman apologizes to Dr Sarah Laurie

Apology to Dr Laurie: now, will he apologize to the world?
Apology to Dr Laurie: now, will he apologize to the world?

Public health professor Simon Chapman has made it his business to denigrate ordinary people and organizations opposed to high-impact, low-benefit industrial-scale wind power, hinting that anyone who claims ill effects from the noise and infrasound must not be quite right in the head and that in fact, it is groups like Wind Concerns Ontario that are causing distress by manufacturing concern.

Mr. Chapman’s comments and writings have been so inflammatory that the Australian Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines referred to him saying, “Those who have labeled Wind Turbine Syndrome as a communicated disease or psychogenic condition have been too quick to judge.” The Committee also called for “civility in public debate.” (See below)

That “civility” has now resulted in an apology from Mr Chapman to Dr Sarah Laurie of Australia.




I am a Professor of Public Health at the University of Sydney.

On 20 March 2014, I retweeted the following  tweet concerning Sarah Laurie:

NOT DROWNING, RANTING: Deregistered “Dr” Sarah Laurie doesn’t like the medicine dished up by @ama_media”

My tweet implied that Ms Laurie had given cause to the Medical Board of Australia to deregister her as a medical practitioner, on account of unprofessional conduct: that she is not entitled to use the title “Dr”; and that she does so in contravention of the laws that govern the conduct of medical practitioners.

These allegations were implied without foundation and are entirely false.

Ms Laurie is not deregistered and has never been sanctioned by the Medical Board of Australia. Sarah Laurie allowed her registration as a medical practitioner to lapse for personal reasons; and accordingly, does not currently practice.

I sincerely apologise to Sarah Laurie for the harm, embarrassment and distress caused by my allegations, which I unreservedly retract.

Professor Simon Chapman

University of Sydney


The Australia Senate Select Committee referred specifically to Simon Chapman in section 2.21 of its final report, saying, “The committee highlights the fact that Professor Chapman is not a qualified, registered nor experienced medical practitioner, psychiatrist, psychologist, acoustician, audiologist, physicist, or engineer.” Chapman has “not medically assessed a single person suffering adverse health impacts from wind turbines.”

The question that remains is, WHY do so many people still listen to this person who has zero credibility but plenty of apparent agenda?


Andre Lauzon

It only confirms my belief that “liberals” are “liberals” because they are too slow or too lazy intellectually to think for themselves and they will believe any stupidity they hear without doing an iota of thinking or of research.


The added distress of being invalidated when having adverse health impacts, that are clearly caused by wind turbines in close proximity, intensifies the suffering for victims.
People who do this are among the most cruel.


“aggravated” offenses

Mike Jankowski

I have considered Dr. Chapman’s viewpoints and found them to be not applicable in my case. Thank you Sarah Laurie.

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