Professor denied access to Health Canada wind turbine data

ACCESS DENIED University professor denied use of taxpayer-funded study data
University professor denied use of taxpayer-funded study data

Despite a claim by staff in the Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch of Health Canada in a meeting with Wind Concerns Ontario last November, that data from the Wind Turbine Noise and Health study would be available to Canadians, via universities and research projects, the health ministry is actually rebuffing attempts to use the data for independent study.

Staff attending that meeting included project director David Michaud and policy director Tara Bower.

As part of his submission to the Australian Senate inquiry into wind turbines, associate professor Richard Mann of the University of Waterloo makes note of a paper recently presented at an international noise conference in Glasgow, and further mentions the fact that access to the taxpayer-funded Health Canada data has been refused.

Professor Mann states:

Our research paper has just been presented in Glasgow, Scotland. The citation is:  J. Vanderkooy and R. Mann. “Measuring Wind Turbine Coherent Infrasound”. Wind Turbine Noise 2015, INCE/EUROPE, Monday 20th April to Thursday 23rd April 2015. Glasgow, Scotland.  Link:

I recently learned that Health Canada has collected extensive measurements of wind turbine noise, including infra sound, as well as wind turbine operational data, Link:

Repeated requests to Health Canada, either to work together, or  to study the data independently, have been denied. Accordingly,  I have filed the following “access to information” request, listed below.

A-2015-00042: Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study. MG Acoustics was contracted by HC to study infra sound. Request all        correspondence between HC and MG. Also request all raw data  collected by MG for this contract. This includes all microphone,  microbarometer, vibration, weather station, and turbine operational data (turbine orientation, RPM, power output, wind speed at turbine, etc). Note: Informal request made to David Michaud (March 2, 2015), redirected to Stephen Bly (March 9,  2015), and ultimately rejected by Stephen Bly (March 24, 2015)

Health Canada spent $2.1 million on the wind turbine noise and health study; the conflicting conclusions were published in a summary paper in November 2014, and also in a colour brochure (which has been very helpful to the wind power developers).

The Government of Canada also spent $1.75 million on a study aimed at the logistics of rolling out wind power across Canada, which included a payment of $650,000 approximately to the wind power lobbyist, the Canadian Wind Energy Association.

Meanwhile, the Government of Ontario recently told Wind Concerns Ontario that it has received over 2,800 noise complaints since 2009; health complaints related to turbine noise are reported separately.



The public must get the data before the wind industry! The Minister must tell Dr. Michaud ( a civil servant)to “stand down” from “announcing” any parts of the HC study at wind industry conferences. The wind company “expert’ was referring to the HC study information at the ERT in Flesherton. Ms. James asked if the study had been peer reviewed”…….response”no”. Good for Dr. Mann in his efforts to work with HC or to do his qualified work! We can add the $275 M over 15 years since 2000 form the Wind Industry Incentive Program at the federal level,too. What we could do with these tax dollars.

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