Contracts & Projects


Here is a list of the current status of projects with contracts. The 2016 contracts are now gradually filing for Renewable Energy Approval (REA).

The Nation Rise project has an REA, and is being appealed; the White Pines project now has a Notice To Proceed.

Note that the Key Contract Date for some of these has expired, yet the government is not choosing to cancel them (there are termination costs in the contracts).

REA Status Update Nov 10 2017

Below is a link to the government list of projects.

Green has their Renewable Energy Approval
Yellow is Under Technical Review
Red are Returned/Incomplete/Withdrawn
Blue are received and being screened for completeness
Note: projects not listed here have not submitted an REA application

See also this link for a searchable form.

The LRP II process is on hold; projects that obtained contracts in LRP I are now gradually being brought forward for evaluation for Renewable Energy Approval.

LANDOWNERS:  For information on contracts for a wind turbine on your property, please consult a lawyer.

Some landowners in Ontario have managed to renegotiate their contract or even cancel their contract, if circumstances have changed. Again, you must consult a lawyer. Wind Concerns Ontario does not provide legal advice.