Samsung contract could have been cancelled saving billions, say PCs

The Ontario PC Opposition says that the Ontario government could have used an “out” clause in its green energy contract with the Korean consortium including Samsung, that would have saved billions.

Vic Fedeli

Photo: Toronto Sun

PC Finance critic says documents revealed during the gas plant cancellation inquiry shows that Samsung had missed several important deadlines which meant the government could have cancelled the contracts, saving over $5 billion.

Worse, said Fedeli in the Toronto Sun report, bureaucrats advised the government that the power contracted for in the agreement.

The Wynne government said it “won’t be distracted” by the accusations made by Mr Fedeli.

Read the full story in the Toronto Sun, here.


Pat Cusack

Hands up all those who voted Liberals in anywhere. Shame on you.

Raymond Beaudry

Northland Power Inc missed their Commercial Operation Date for the MMWLP project on Manitoulin Island yet no government action until an Freedom of Information request to the then Ontario Power Authority, now the IESO revealed the facts. They were then charged for being 107 days beyond their contract date. With delay after delay for this project they claimed 12 force majeures (FM’s) and only four were approved. Contract dates seem eternal with the GEA. Looks like Samsung should have submitted more FM’s.Industry running the government? Sure seems that way.

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