Sarnia Realtor: closer properties may be unsellable

Here from Sarnia area Realtor Ryan Gervais.

sarnia wind farm


The picture above is going to be an all familiar sight going down our highways over the coming years. With approvals of many large wind farms in Lambton County including the Jericho Wind Energy Centre by Nextera our views as home owners will forever be changed. There has been much protest to these farms as the Not In My Back Yard mentality has taken flight but ultimately the farmers are allowed to lease their land to these wind farms.
It is still a big unknown how much property values will be effected in Lambton county and surrounding these wind farms but my guess is the closer properties may become unsellable which is a huge hit to the residents in these areas. I have only heard anecdotal evidence in other areas about decreases in property values but in doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that it will not be improving values.
The other major talking point which is largely unknown at this point is the health repercussions of these farms. The Wind turbines create noise which can effect animals and humans that have a sensitivity to the frequency that these turbines produce. This is even scarier over the long term than the loss in property values in my opinion.
Here is the link to the Ontario Wind Resistance as well as the Jericho Wind Farm pages so you can get more educated if you are in an effected area. Knowledge is power and we should all know whats going on in our collective back yards!

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