Something ‘not right’ with Ontario government push for wind power

Wynne government “moves the goalposts,” bends the rules to get wind power through … and nobody knows why, says prominent Prince Edward County businessman

The Wynne government ignores economic, environmental and health reasons to cancel wind power, but pushes forward anyway: why? “Back-handed deals,” says a businessman

October 3, 2017

One of the questions Wind Concerns Ontario routinely gets from the media, after we’ve detailed the lack of environmental benefit from industrial-scale wind power developments, the harm being done to the environment, and the physical harm being done by exposure to the noise emissions from wind turbines to some people, is WHY does the government persist in this policy, in the face of all the evidence — even just the questions — about it?

WHY, when the government admits it has a surplus of power (and is selling off wind power at a loss to other jurisdictions) is it continuing to sign contracts and grant approvals for new projects?

WHY, when the Minister of Energy has admitted there are problems and “sub-optimal siting” does the government have plans to inflict unwanted and unneeded wind power projects on more Ontario communities like Otter Creek, The Nation, North Stormont and Dutton Dunwich?

Our answer has been, there is something else going on here, agreements that have been made, contracts signed that we may never know about, that prevents the Ontario government from responding rationally.

That thought was echoed yesterday in an interview Jerry Agar of CFRB 1010 did with Norm Hardie, owner of the renowned Norman Hardie Wines in Prince Edward County.

On the sensible side, Hardie says in his interview, the government could pay $500,000 to get out of the White PInes contract and save $100 million in costs to electricity consumers … but it won’t. They know all the objections, Hardie says, but he can’t help but feeling “there is a back-handed deal …there is something creepy going on we will probably never know about … something is not right.”

Despite the money being lost, the damage to the environment, community and potentially to the local community in Prince Edward County for example, Hardie says, “they are intent on destroying us.”


Richard Mann

Still waiting for Huron County Health Unit…

An investigation into health impacts of wind turbines was initiated in March 2016. (Ontario’s HPPA, Health Protection and Promotion Act).

Since then we have had one delay after another, and still no remedy for those living under turbines.

As of Sept 19, 2017, Erica Clark informed me they have heard back from University of Waterloo ethics requesting “some final wording changes in the study materials”. Meanwhile I have been told that all communications of the ethics board, including the names an positions of the applicants, is confidential.

I am asking for transparency, and for immediate action on this urgent health issue.

For further details, including correspondence and my own research on Infra sound and wind turbines, please see my web page below.

Richard Mann
Associate Professor, Computer Science
University of Waterloo

John Vincent

I qwould have thought it was obvious why the government has not acted against a totally irrational program….because of the dollars being made by the investing companies, and the possible kick backs to the Liberals. Like the saying goes “follow the money”

Wind Concerns Ontario

That doesn’t quite cover it: the government is LOSING money, by the millions. So here we have questions about environmental benefit, evidence of environmental damage, high electricity costs now recognized by the public, and evidence of at least the risk of adverse health effects, and still they won’t act. Does somebody
somewhere somehow has an agreement that prevents them from changing course?


Perhaps it isn’t important to the Liberal party whether the government loses money or not. What may be important is if the party and its members make money.


The backdrop to this situation is a systemic government bias against rural people in an urbanized post agricultural society.
Farmers operate in low population density. People outnumber them in urban settings and urbanites are grossly out of touch with agriculture and animal husbandry. Democratically speaking, rural people have no real voice. This is how and why the Green Energy Act could remove democratic rights and even human rights without the consent of rural people. Decisions were made that were unethical and unfair for rural communities. The urban population was oblivious.
Today (Oct 3rd 2017)is a windy day. The turbines are going full tilt. We have a farmer in Huron County who is so impaired because of the harm to his health from the turbines that he can’t harvest his crop on an otherwise gorgeous October day.
This is ludicrous and yet all efforts to plead to have these turbines turned off to protect people are being ignored by this government.
Leftist green voters dominate cities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Now this is happening in Ontario. These people prefer urban lifestyles and they feign their appreciation of nature. Their superficial connection to the land and to nature is trendy. This explains why they ignore or argue the fact that these turbines are killing birds and bats and are ruining the environment in rural Ontario with noise, low frequency noise modulations and infrasound radiation.
The chance of educating millions of urban people in Ontario to a level that would allow them to make correct democratic decisions on behalf of rural people is only possible if the media steps in and plays the role they are supposed to play.
The future of rural Ontario is at stake.

Pat Cusack

You forget that using our MZ Wynnes math there is probably a surplus showing. Bernie

Andre Lauzon

Nothing numbs moral and ethical values like $$$$$$. Stupidity and hypocrisy just make greed and dishonesty digestible.


German Missions in the United States

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Then follow the links from the main link above.


If the government will not stop or regulate these wind power plants then it is the responsibility of every single rural resident to shut these projects down at any and all cost…
Sommer…. I too saw the turdbines rolling yesterday… it was beautiful out… when i got across the boarder and went past Romulus and south to Dundee Michigan i noticed that there was not one single turdbine or solar project in my travels…. it was a beautiful drive… until i got back to turdbineville ontario!!!!


Barbara… what is going on over there with the water wells… has anyone yet made a decision to stop the water well interference from Samsungs piledriving activities???


I’m just another observer of the situation, so don’t know the details of this situation.

Wind Concerns Ontario

The judge agreed with Samsung-Pattern and granted an injunction against protests. Community members have had their well water tested at their own expense, and are now waiting for the MOECC to comment and/or take action. ………………………..

Stan Thayer

Well said Mr Hardie! To add to your input, the general contractor at the cancelled gas plant to supplement the turbines on Amherst Island just simply walked away from the project this week leaving the door open to an aforementioned company connected directly to the Liberal party through infrastructure contracts. That contractors dream has no estimated budget, no estimate for completion and taxpayer backing. I find it easy to figure all the figures in that deal. You can believe me when I say, I will not live long enough to see the corrupted Liberals and their enablers finish this one!
One more note.
The partial sale of Hydro One did not produce the predicted amount so I have heard rumblings that the Liberals, if elected, will buy back the shares with another long term loan. Somehow the Liberal math shows a profit when selling and when buying.
Me thinks we need a queen at Queens Park!
Stan Thayer

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