Southgate letter writer on the 50 Samsung turbines coming

Turbines in Amaranth, neighbouring Dundalk

Southgate recently announced it was welcoming Samsung and a wind power project of 50 large-scale wind turbines. A Dundalk area resident disagrees with the pro-wind power Mayor in this letter to the Editor.

I understand with great sadness that there are 50 turbines in the works for Southgate. May I list just some of the reasons we should not be a willing host.

1. They are not eco friendly, they destroy habitat for many flora and fauna. The destruction of areas where many species live and breed is ruined, they don’t come back. They are known and proven migratory bird and bat killers.
2. They lower property values which in turn will force MPAC to lower the property taxes in the next assessment which I believe occurs in 2016.
3. The many, many concrete trucks and other vehicles required for 1 turbine pollutes the air, increases the wear and tear on our roads, increased noise and road dust and disruption for neighbouring homes and many safety issues. How well will a Mennonite’s horse and buggy fare? Will they adapt and at what cost to life and limb ?.
4. Ice throw from the fins can travel some distance thereby creating a hazard for people, livestock, vehicular traffic, children waiting for a school bus. The actual fins have been known to break off and fly great distance.
5. There is a lot of oil in the hub attached to the gear box or nacelle to lubricate the bearings, up to 80 gallons, and these can and have caught fire.
6.Turbines use a lot of power, they have their own generators which bleeds power from the grid to among many things, cool said oil or heat that oil, start up the turbine, turn the blade yaw into the wind, change blade pitch, power the aircraft lights and during high wind to brake the fins from turning. Rather a dichotomy there.
7. Health issues such as tinnitus (ringing in the ears), lack of sleep from the noise and flicker, high blood pressure from the stress of having them with in close proximity and more.
8. Transient electrical charges, documented near Kincardine where cattle were getting a shock when trying to drink from a water trough and one farmer that put a light bulb on his metal roof, the bulb lit.
9. ORNGE helicopters can’t land near them because of the air turbulence and buffeting.
10. Soil erosion. Fields worked for cropping have loose aggregates, turbines blow that soil away leaving no nutrient rich earth.
11. The land owner is restricted to how much of his own land can be used and for what use.
12. Cost of construction and maintenance of a turbine far outweighs any so called return. They will never pay for themselves. A cubic metre of concrete costs approximately $135, each turbine uses more than 1,000 tons of concrete and rebar. Transporting of the fins one at a time usually has at least one chaperone vehicle, and O.P.P. officer and cruiser, and takes a special flat bed to transport. Where are they to be stored prior to installation? A nacelle is bigger than a school bus. The fins are 150 feet long. Who pays the storage fee ? You do, Mr. & Mrs. Consumer.
13. It will not lower your hydro bills, in fact it will increase your rates. Where does this so called electricity go ? To Toronto ? So you, dear Southgate neighbours, will never reap any rewards. Ever.

Who wins ? Samsung does.

Mayor Milne said no outside committees may address this issue such as Wind Concerns Ontario or Ontario Wind Resistance so perhaps I will start my own group called S.C.A.T. Southgate Community Against Turbines.
I am not a NIMBY (not in my backyard) I am a NIABY, not in any backyard.

Louise Hall



What gives this Mayor the “right” let alone the brazen attitude about who or what can address this this issue? Last time I checked Ontario Mayors were “elected” officials! Time to march folks!

nero tulip

Who gives you the “right” to stop a legal activity on private property.


Do what you want on your “property” BUT when “your” activity interferes with MY RIGHT to enjoy my property and MY RIGHT to a Safe and Harm free HOME ….that is the line that YOU have crossed.


There is so much misinformation being thrown around. Would you rather we increase the amount of hydraulic fracking we do. Google it…now THAT is something worth protesting.

Fossil fuels are running out…..what the heck should we do? Stick our heads in the sand and hope our grand kids are smart enough to figure out a solution

Richard Mann

Wind proponents still have not addressed the health impacts:

*Canadian Family Physician (2013) “Adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines”,
*British Medical Journal (2012). “Wind turbine noise”.
*Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine (2014). “Industrial wind turbines and adverse health effects”.

Our government (Environment, Health, and Energy ministries) are ignoring this evidence.

Lawyers call this “Willful Blindness”.

Def’n (Wikipedia) Willful blindness (sometimes called ignorance of law, willful ignorance or contrived ignorance or Nelsonian knowledge) is a term used in law to describe a situation where an individual seeks to avoid civil or criminal liability for a wrongful act by intentionally putting himself in a position where he will be unaware of facts that would render him liable.

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