St. Columban appeal dismissed; power project to cost Ontario millions

The appeal of the St. Columban wind power project has been dismissed, in a decision released by the Environmental Review Tribunal. The Tribunal said the appellants had failed to demonstrate any risk of serious harm to human health. The decision is here.
The 33-MW power project is being developed by Veresen Inc., and is located in the Municipality of Huron East.
The cost to the people of Ontario for this one wind power project will be $11.3 million, annually.


Richard Mann

Let’s challenge NDP to turn off the Port Elgin turbine, run
by their Unifor Union buddies.

If they do that, Andrea has got my vote. Otherwise it is just more
“hot air”.


The MPP’s who blindly voted in favor of the Green Energy Act (Notably
absent for the vote was Premier Dalton McGuinty) and by so doing removed all
protection from mothers and children residing on land that has been leased to
wind developers.

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