Stand up for Ontario’s endangered species vs wind farms

Endangered Redside Dace: Ontario's environmental legislation is supposed to protect, not aid destruction
Endangered Redside Dace: Ontario’s environmental legislation is supposed to protect, not aid destruction

This Thursday, a group of Ontario citizens from West Grey are taking their fight to protect the natural environment to court — to fight against the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and giant, Florida-based wind power developer NextEra.

The community group, Durham Area Citizens for Endangered Species or D.A.C.E.S., is going to court in Brampton, on Thursday March 19th at 10 a.m. to begin a judicial review of the process by which the wind power development project in West Grey was approved, despite the fact it will certainly wipe out habitat for an endangered species of fish, the Redside Dace.

While the little fish (a member of the minnow family) is protected by legislation in Ontario, and the province even has a taxpayer-funded “Recovery Strategy” for it, in the case of the East Durham wind project, approval was granted without proper study, and in spite of known Redside Dace habitat in the Saugeen River.

If you can, get to that courtroom on Thursday, and show your support for the little fish … and for Ontario’s endangered species legislation. This approval cannot be allowed to stand.

Brampton Divisional Court

7755 Hurontario Street, Brampton

Arrive at 9 a.m.; court begins at 10 a.m.


map of redside dace range

Ontario habitat for the Redside Dace—dwindling

For more information, and to donate, go to


P.S. On Twitter? Be sure to use the hashtag RedsideDace to support the little fish!!! (And, Ontario’s endangered species legislation)


Christopher King

Yes! be outspoken these creatures NEED our help, the MNR and the MOE have deserted their prime reason for being. Protect our natural resources in all forms. AND just say NO to WIND TURBINES.

David Libby

It is not just this little fish to be concerned about. The success (or failure) of these small animals is an indication of the overall health of the environment.
The redside dace is a colorful minnow species found in very high quality headwater streams in eastern Ohio. They feed almost entirely on insects and their larvae and can often be seen leaping into the air to capture insects flying just above the waters surface.

The redside dace is an indicator of very high quality small streams. This species is intolerant of turbidity and silt. They are attracted to deep pools with an abundance of woody debris. The small streams they are found in typically have rather high gradients, very clear cool water, and are in primarily forested watersheds. This species is found primarily in the eastern half of the state with the exception of the Mad River in west central Ohio. They feed on flying insects and various aquatic invertebrates.


Thanks David! Article provides more information on this little fish for visitors to this website.


Redside Dace, Michigan Natural Features Inventory

Conservation Management:

“Redside Dace are naturally distributed discontinuously throughout thelandscape. This isolation makes local populations highly susceptible to extinction because losses due to local natural or human-induced perturbation cannot be replaced by neighboring populations. Strict habitat requirements for this species also makes this species highly susceptible to local extinctions.”

There is more information at:

Endangered species in Michigan.

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