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In less than 1 day, we have over 600 votes, 98% say NO to endangering Ontario’s wildlife.

Many people don’t know that the Ontario government believes so strongly that the “overall benefit” of wind power is such that it outweighs any danger to at-risk and even endangered species of wildlife in the province.

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The Green Energy Act was rolled out as though it was a war measures emergency — pushing people and wildlife out of the way to cover the Province with huge wind turbines. Problem is that we had a power surplus before and even more now. That is only likely to get worse as more of these gigantic pinwheels get deployed. Where is the emergency? Why should my family and the wildlife we cherish be asked to ‘take one for the team’? Are the supporters of the government that desperate to make money that they are willing to throw the entire population, human and wildlife, under the bus? Seems so. Pity they won’t suffer anywhere near as much as those killed and injured in their lust for money.


By the time we get rid of these corrupt politicos that have basically “killed Rural Ontario” in less than 5 years we will be left with one huge wind turbine SCRAPYARD!

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