TERMINATED: Big Thunder Wind Park wind farm dead?


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Simulation of Big Thunder

The news this morning, via Tom Adams of Tom Adams Energy, is that the Ontario Power Authority announced the termination of several Feed In Tariff contracts, among them the Big Thunder Wind Park.

See the OPA list of contracts ended here.

Big Thunder is the subject of several legal actions, including that by the Fort William First Nations; the First Nation claims there was not adequate consultation for this project with their people. Other concerns have been raised over the years about environmental damage and the potential to kill fragile wildlife populations. Full approval of the project was put off until after the recent Ontario election.

More news on this as we receive it.




Awesome but I see the only others cancelled are solar 🙁

Wind Concerns Ontario

It is important to be clear on the terminology here. The contract ended because Horizon ran out of time to fulfill the FIT contract terms. They have the option of reapplying, this time under the new procurement process, but the legal actions and community opposition to it are significant obstacles.

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