The Hill Times:critics call wind farms in rural areas a disaster

In this week’s edition of The Hill Times, is a profile of how wind power is being rolled out in Ontario.
    Wind Concerns Ontario president Jane Wilson is quoted as saying, wind power represents an almost insignificant portion of power supplied to the province, but the wind power installations themselves have a “huge impact on rural-small urban communities.”
    Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment Gideon Forman persists with the wind industry claim that there is no research showing direct effects to health from the noise and infrasound produced by the wind turbines: “there is annoyance for some people…but in terms of a direct causal effect between a wind turbine and health effects, we just haven’t seen it.”
   Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli is quoted by the Hill Times as saying wind power produces no greenhouse gases and is part of a program of modernization of Ontario’s power system. “It’s a tremendous success story.”
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