The Three Amigos grand power plan for North America: it’s gonna cost you

The Ottawa media was all abuzz with the recent Canada-Mexico-U.S. meetings and the glory days of collaboration ahead, but an interview with U.S. Energy Secretary Eugene Moniz was a little more specific on just what is expected of Canada. Ontario, it seems, could figure significantly in the grand plans for economic prosperity and climate change action. Except, it might come at great cost, says Parker Gallant

Secretary Moniz: Canada has plenty of the clean power we need (and you're selling it cheap!)
U.S. Energy Secretary Moniz: Canada has plenty of the clean power we need (and you’re selling it cheap!)

U.S. Secretary of Energy Eugene Moniz, was interviewed by public affairs channel CPAC in Washington in advance of the tripartite meetings associated with the North American Leaders Summit.  At that summit, the three leaders announced a “joint environmental action plan” aimed at generating 50% of electricity from clean power by 2025.

In the interview, Secretary Moniz specifically mentions building a continental transmission grid to bring renewables from Canada to the U.S., and increasing integration of our respective energy systems. He labeled the latter as a part of “Mission Innovation” which Canada, Mexico and the U.S. have signed onto.  He laughingly referenced his dedication to meeting the Paris COP 21 commitments to reduce emissions (inferred) by attending a meeting in Winnipeg with the two other “energy ministers” when it was 30 degrees below zero.

Presumably Secretary Moniz was aware that Canada, with particular emphasis on Ontario’s ratepayers, is doing all we can to help the U.S. reduce emissions by supplying them with cheap, emission-free electricity on an hourly basis.  The latter is evident based on the Q1 2016 Ontario Energy Report.  The report carries a rather telling chart indicating that out of 6.182 terawatts (TWh) of energy exported in the 1st Quarter of 2016, 4.986 TWh were exported to Michigan (2.557 TWh) and New York (2.429 TWh).

Collectively, those exports represented almost 81% of all Ontario-generated electricity exports in the quarter. Those exports could have supplied over 550,000 average Ontario households with power for a full year. The latter, co-incidentally, is roughly the number of Ontario households (571,000) found to be living in “energy poverty” by the Ontario Energy Board in a 2014 report.

Apparently Secretary Moniz wants more of Ontario’s cheap power. No wonder: we sold it to the U.S. at an average price of 1.1 cents/kWh in the 1st Quarter of 2016, while Ontario electricity ratepayers picked up 11.9 cents/kWh of the costs to generate them, according to the IESO March Monthly Market Report.  In the CPAC interview, Secretary Moniz indicated the goal is to look at moving “renewables over long distances” by expanding the continental grid.   He must assume that this is possible because of the cheap price for which Ontario sells off its surplus energy, which could make up for the significant line losses that will occur.

Those exported TWh to Michigan and New York were subsidized by Ontario ratepayers who picked up the Global Adjustment costs of $593 million towards the contracted production for the three months.

The message from Secretary Moniz is this: don’t send us (the U.S.) your oil by pipeline, but please do build transmission lines to carry wind, solar and hydro power to us … as long as you include a big subsidy, paid for by the ratepayers of Ontario.

© Parker Gallant,                                                                                                                                       July 10, 2016

Sidebar: The writer has wondered for some time why U.S. electricity generators affected by Ontario’s cheap and subsidized electricity exports to the border states of New York and Michigan have not challenged us under the North American Free Trade Agreement. Guess we know why.



We are played for suckers … because we are, thanks to the corrupt and incompetent Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne.

Rural Ontario is the fall guy for certain USA opportunists who don’t give a flying two-tone f… about us. Wynne cares even less, if that’s possible.


There are some who think that staging this ‘Three Amigos’ summit was timed in order to make a statement about the globalist’s agenda post the Brexit referendum. It was intended to make a statement that things are going forward according to their agenda. The cute photo of the handshake was supposed to give the message that all is well with their plans.
This is rotten deal for Canada and specifically for people in rural Ontario who are not going to be forced to relocate to ‘human settlements’ .
Thank you Parker for telling the truth.

Bruce Miller

In light of Honda Inc.’s new fully Solar powered fully automated, fully power autonomous car plant recently established in Mexico, and not Ontario?
Here is some truth serum for you:
Ontario’s Nuclear Power Conundrum
Kathleen Wynne faces a huge over-investment in relatively expensive nuclear power, made by former Ontario politicians in preparation for an industrial influx that never happened! Renewable Science and Technology surpassed even the best guesses of investors in nuclear power in Ontario. Only two decades ago, the best solution for reliable steady power was nuclear. Expensive? Initially, the most expensive, but in good faith and under competent advisers, Ontario refurbished, built and rebuilt nuclear power systems, feeling that only Ontario, with this huge investment in providing stable cheap nuclear power, would have the competitive edge.
Boy! did we get phoqued or what! We now give away our overproduction of nuclear electricity!
Honda, the first and the biggest “defector” from this once ‘Status Quo’, moved to Mexico, set up a Solar Power System for a huge factory there! Advantages: They can control the cost of energy for their fully automated lines. Cheap labour is in abundance there, and not likely to unionize either because just having these jobs with this low pay is better than starving in the streets.
Fact is even Ontario with its massive and very costly nuclear power build up, and of course, anybody dependent on oil/coal, are witness to the future in Honda’s fully Solar powered super automated car plant in Mexico. Honda’s built with no oil, no nuclear electric no Hydroelectric, just renewable, perpetual, eternal Solar electric.
You can chew this til your gums are worn out, but all your hot air will never change the facts.
Renewables technologies, exploiting perpetual, eternal energy sources have come of age. Renewables are proving themselves as we speak.


Solar may still be expensive but at least it can be made relatively palatable to neighbouring communities.

Not so with intrusive, unsightly, high impact, costly, intermittent power producing wind turbines.

I’m still chewing.

Parker Gallant

The build-out of Darlington took over 25 years as Premier Bill Davis stopped and started the build three times running up additional interest costs of over $6 billion. Also the trained nuclear staff had to be retained for the full duration of the build meaning they continued to be paid costing Ontario Hydro an additional $1 billion. That became the “residual stranded debt” of just over $7 billion which has been fully repaid via the DRC but the Liberals kept increasing the amount owed so it has dragged on and on and can still be found on all but residential bills.

What that tells you is that it is most often the politicians in power that create the EXTRA expense. The Liberals are now making that a perpetual occurrence.

Not sure where you got the info about “In light of Honda Inc.’s new fully Solar powered fully automated, fully power autonomous car plant recently established in Mexico” but it appears to be not true. They use wind turbines in their Brazil plant for some electricity generation and also in their transmission plant in Ohio but the Mexican plant only claims to have LED lighting. Honda does encourage its dealerships to put solar panels on their service units though.

Please ensure what you post can be backed up with facts.


Relying on solar power in Mexico is not the same as relying on it in Ontario.

Solar power production in Ontario is about half of what it is in the south western part of the U.S. Ontario is a poor place for solar electric production and so is Michigan.

Articles on solar with one including a map were posted here in the last couple of days but guess no one looked at them. There are also Canadian solar maps online.


So basically we’ve just become the new hydro whores right!!???? Great… ?


The red light district!

Pat Cusack

God. What next?!
What would we do without you Parker?
Just reconfirms what I’ve always known – that governments and people in “power” are just out for themselves and are pigs at various troughs. Not all, but most. Pretty scary stuff.


E& E Publishing, June 13, 2016

‘MISO survey sees Midwest generation deficit by 2018’

“Michigan is another focal point for coal closures. The Lower Peninsula faces a 300-MW shortfall in June 2017 that will have to be met with capacity imports. The deficit is expected to double by 2021.”

Article has links to more information.

Michigan’s LP will have no reserve power by June 2017.

DTE Energy has plans to install solar power on Detroit vacant land. And is building IWTs in Michigan’s Thumb area. Also purchasing IWT power from other IWT Thumb area developers.


What’s that song by the red hot chili peppers……
” give it away now.. give it away now!” Should be the Grey Energy Acts new theme song for Ontarions……


Mr. Gallant, here’s a fact, you and your anti-wind group have lost your battle against renewable energy. Go back to your day jobs, enjoy your retirement, or take up a more meaningful and winnable cause. Reduce your level of anxiety. If you must have a cause to fight, find something new to rant about. The only comments that I respected from those opposed to wind were from the people honest enough to say that they just didn’t like the looks of the turbines. The rest of you cooked up a whole batch of nonsense that became more far-fetched each time you lost a court battle or an argument. Ontario is building a world class electrical energy industry that will become the next hot commodity. You have to spend money to make money. That is the stage we are at in Ontario. We will soon have another very profitable segment in our provincial economy to market to other provinces and to the USA. Thank you Ms. Wynne for defying the few detractors and sticking with the plan.



Have you ever had cost accounting?

When investments are made you begin with the facts.

What are the real wind and solar facts?

You have to look at both the scientific facts and cost factors.


Another thing to look for is who has money on the table and where it is!


Hey let’s do our own thing here in ontario…. I know many countries with way greater population in the EU have bankrupted their people with the subsidy game for power… i know that those countries are riddled with decrepit IWT rusting to the ground… I know that people over there are very unhappy and can’t get rid of the IWT’S unless they pay to have them taken down…. I know that they will have to pay for them for the next 20 years but……. hey windbuddy is right…. just cause you jump into heavy traffic and got smoked tbadly the first 3 or 4 times doesn’t mean it’ll happen again right???!
There’s a small micro minute slim tiny chance that this will work out right!!!???
Barbara … cost accounting is for regular folks not windbuddy and governments!!! Even ask the Auditor General! !! Cost accounting is for idiots!!! Lol!! Sounds good eh folks let’s run this F#$_=×# r right into the ground!!!!
I gotta go…. I need to go and burn all my recyclables then go to pitchfork practice….

T3..Tracy from Turbine Town

Hey Gord,
While reading Parker’s post, the word “suckers” came to mind as well.
What the hell is wrong with the people of Ontario; idiots, don’t give a shit, what???
Recent posters: if you go back a half dozen years, you will see the same thoughts were posted by the old wind warriors. Cripes Clear Creek has been known as the “red light district” since 2008. Seems you’re just catching up. What you must realize is that you are running in a vicious circle. Stop the treadmill and do something, take action; yacking on this site is futile.’re a #1 ASSHOLE. Let me ask you a question: How would you like to GO FUCK YOURSELF. Get the hell off this site. Go post where they like jerks like you..with their heads up their ass.



To paraphrase Henry Fonda in “Once Upon a Time in the West”
“now that you call me by name” …

I’ve been plenty caught up since 2008, as an early wind opponent, when this wind crap started interfering with my retirement. Now, I’m still “yacking” on this website, just repeating what I’ve been saying all along.

Don’t know whether I’ve seen you at any of the events, protests or fundraisers, but I’m sure you’ve also contributed 1000s of $ and 100s of hours of time to the cause.

Your assessment of Windbuddy is reasonbly accurate, though I would have ranked Glen Murray as #1 and Mike Crawley as #2.

Catherine Mitchell

Financial stupidity is always very expensive and leads to bankruptcy. We can not afford the down loading onto the Ontario consumer of the cost for surplus power that we are creating in Ontario and selling to Michigan and New York state.
Nor can we afford to borrow money from the private for profit lending institutions for infrastructure and pay compound interest to the shareholders of these lending institutions. All levels of government are in deficit financing and we spend 30% of the budget for interest payments on our debt. We keep adding to the amount of principal debt and interest owed. We are not growing our economy, we are running our finances like a Ponzi scheme and will bankrupt this country.


Thank you T3…. and Catherine and all my ANTI WIND FRIENDS …… well said!!!

T3..Tracy from Turbine Town

Hello again Gord,
I know you’ve been in it right from the get go! Your efforts are very much appreciated. 
I’ve said it before..when we were hurting back in 2008, there was not much support at all.
The remainder of this post is not directed specifically at you Gord. 
The  development of iwts brings an awareness that creeps over a community in a wave; taking rural Ontario bit by bit.
We are all on the band wagon; now what? Tell me something that we don’t already know. 
Talk isn’t enough to bring down these criminals. 
Rural Ontario is in the midst of a deadly attack by it’s own government and wind companies; yet to speak of action in defense .. we are afraid of being called “violent”! What the hell do you call what the government is doing, torturing and killing us. We are in the midst of a silent war.  It is a take over by certain individuals in government positions.
A place to start: each community that has declared itself an unwilling host must fell a turbine,. Cut it off, push it over; just like a tree. Let it lay there. Go after the provincial government later to clean up the slaughter. Who will be paying then? Toronto can clean up this mess they’ve enabled. Hell, get out your fertilizer and pressure cookers farmers, turn these suckers into missiles and send them to the moon..These machines are harming and killing people. 


Tracy, the frustration you feel at how long this is taking is so real. I see it and feel it in my community as well even though we have not had the turbines and their infrastructure for as long. This experience is something one cannot imagine or relate to fully until they have directly made the connection between their health issues and the frightening sensations in their body from low frequency sound modulations and infrasound radiation. Direct experience is what it takes for people who lack compassion to fully understand the crime that has been committed against our communities in rural Ontario. The day is coming when all of this will be fully realized. Please take care of yourself.


WCO readers have some knowledge of the New England power supply situation and now the MISO situation has come to light.

Ontarians pay for generating the electricity while Americans get stuck with the high transmission costs.

What a grand scheme this could turn out to be!

Two wrongs don’t make a right!


Dear Tracey …. wish I could’ve been in the fight long ago but you’re right….. this process creeps in like a slimey ooze…. right from the government procurement process to the IWT companies with their little slime ball employees sneaking around signing up leaseholders. Even when a democratic vote with such astounding results as 84% opposed to the IWT we are still “WINNERS” of the next IWT project….
it motivates us even more in DD to fight the GEA occupation of our beautiful scenic counrtyside.. some people in our area are still not aware that they have an IWT project on the land beside them…. so much for 75% adjoining property agreement with non leaseholders…. once again sneaky underhanded people doing sneaky underhanded things… seems to be the same story even today…. I agree with you its time to put up a fight… Ahole windbuddy hacks on me .because I say no way!!! Like he’s gonna force me to have those monstrosities whipping around my house!!! He says I’m a nut job cause I’ve booked time off work incase things turn ugly out here and I have to go to jail!!! I hear you Tracey from turbine town!!!! Maddening… insane… unreasonable. … undemocratic….. unconstitutional…… unethical….. unhealthy!!!!! When the liberals spill our innocent blood here on the back roads of this beautiful peacefully counrtyside then and only then will the voices of rural ontarions be heard….. like I said before there is growing population in DD that are willing to make our point at any and all cost…. and Tracey when we’re done here and are victorious we will topple these monsters one at a time!!!!

T3..Tracy from Turbine Town

It is unfortunate that people who see and speak the truth, and hold high values are attacked. You are not crazy. The general population is ignorant and stupid.
Blood has been shed on the back roads of southern Ontario. Stroke, heart attack, diabetes, dementia has been on the rise in the vicinity of industrial wind turbines in Norfolk County. Many deaths have occurred. We’ve even had one suicide and and attempted suicide.
Medical tests have provided evidence with health problems. For example: When living at my home. MRIs and CAT scans showed lesions in my brain which has since healed for the most part, now I am away.
I currently have ongoing problems with bone and connective tissue. I am trying hard to become well; with exercise, diet, supplements and rest but with each step forward lately, comes two back. I expect years have been taken from my life span. It really wouldn’t surprise me if in time, I am diagnosed with a terminal illness. It is what it is. I have had enough actually. I haven’t given up but I am tired.
When I know I have nothing else to lose and I am well on the road to shedding this vehicle that has taken me through this life; I will not think twice to do what I can and what is needed to make things right.
And trust me, my spirit will live on and I will continue to support the good people of Ontario and haunt those greedy bastards who are responsible for this catastrophe.
So call me crazy lol, it doesn’t matter.
Enjoy the day.
Perhaps it will take serious action to move forward with bringing justice and a healthy existence to the people of rural Ontario.


While Canadian hydro-power production might be guaranteed the delivery can NOT be guaranteed.

Transmission lines are subject to natural forces.

MOUs between Canada and the U.S. can be signed but this is no guarantee that power can be delivered to the U.S.

The public can be easily confused and fooled by the difference between production and delivery issues.

But this does make for great political theater.


Bloomberg Technology, July 6, 2016

‘Japan’s Solar Boom Showing Signs of Deflating As Subsidies Wane’

“Japan’s solar boom is beginning to falter”

Website has an ad blocker. Use article title internet search.

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