Trudeau to spend $6B on renewable power: Financial Post

 Bright days ahead for the renewable energy sector. For consumers, the economy, and rural Ontario? Not so much.
Bright days ahead for the renewable energy sector. For consumers, the economy, and rural Ontario? Not so much.

Financial Post, October 20, 2015

Likely impact in five key areas

Renewable energy

Trudeau has a particularly ambitious plan for renewable energy projects, with a promise to commit nearly $6 billion in green spending over a four-year period and ramping that up to nearly $20 billion over 10 years. The Liberals will also incorporate climate impact analysis into federal contracting, which could get further money flowing into the green space.

All of that will be welcome news for Canada’s renewable energy companies, especially as the previous government focused investment on the oil and gas sector.

“It is fair to assume that the sector will be a big net winner under this government, as they have carved out specific spending in their infrastructure outlays for green energy,” said BMO’s Porter. “Beyond direct spending on the sector, it’s also safe to assume that the government will support the sector heavily through direct measures.”


For more information on who’s advising our Prime Minister designate, read this account on Gerald Butts, formerly a staffer in the office of Dalton McGuinty, now Trudeau’s top adviser:

Butts was principal secretary to Dalton McGuinty when he assumed the premier’s office. Former secretary of cabinet Tony Dean calls Butts the “smartest senior political and policy adviser that I worked with in almost 20 years in government.”

As Butts helped implement a green energy strategy that would phase out coal and sell a tax his leader had promised never to implement, Telford set out with Kennedy to implement the premier’s ambitious agenda in education.


Gord Schneider

Bend over Canada.


Trudeau needs to be educated about renewable energy. Do you think he is stupid enough to get sucked in with the rest of the dirty criminals? They’ll have him in way over his head before he even realizes what has happened….school of hard knocks. Law suits left, right and center..

Andre Lauzon

Yes Gord, you have it right. Bend over Canada………


It’s not only the $6 billion, it’s also all of the federal tax breaks that renewable developers will get!


We must make a concerted to educate Justin Trudeau and his advisors on these issues.
As soon as the email addresses are available,all complaints need to be directed to both Trudeau and his advisor, Gerald Butts.
If Justin Trudeau is sincere about listening to all Canadians, then surely we stand a chance of being heard and of having the necessary changes made even in Ontario.


The Press Enterprise, Riverside, CA, Oct.19, 2015

‘SOLAR POWER: Desert Plant Has Pollution Problems’

“The Ivanpah solar plant burns substantial amounts of natural gas, making it a greenhouse emitter under state law.”

Plant burns enough natural gas to be required to take part in the state’s Cap and Trade program.

First year of operation showed that the plant emitted 46,000 metric tons of CO2.

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