Unnecessary hardship: community groups speak out on legal action vs MOECC

Citizens’ groups head to court over MOECC failure to protect safety, health

January 29, 2018

Following the announcement last Thursday that four citizens’ groups* in Ontario are taking legal action against the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) over the noise from planned wind power projects, the groups involved have issued statements relative to each of their own local situations.

“We’re not taking this step lightly,” commented Bonnie Rowe, spokesperson for Dutton Dunwich Opponents of Wind Turbines, the applicant in this suit. “We estimate that these five proposed wind power projects will be out of compliance with noise levels as soon as they go online. In the Dutton Dunwich case, the majority of the proposed turbines, as well as the transformer, will likely produce noise over the MOECC maximum allowable levels. That is just unacceptable, especially to the many citizens living nearby, who will be forced to endure that noise.”

 “The Concerned Citizens of North Stormont are in complete support of this legal challenge,” said spokesperson Margaret Benke. “Protection of the health and safety for more than 1,200 local residents is our main concern. We feel that the MOECC must be held to account.”

Julie Leroux, spokesperson for Save the Nation, says “By allowing the construction of the Eastern Fields project and using only outdated noise regulations, the MOECC would deny protection of health and wellbeing for hundreds of local residents, for the next 20 years. We strongly feel that this is unacceptable.”

“Based on what information the public has been provided so far, it appears most of the turbines [in the Otter Creek project] will be out of compliance” said Wallaceburg Area Wind Concerns spokesperson, Violet Towell. “We believe many Wallaceburg and area citizens will suffer unnecessary hardship if this project is allowed to continue, and we fully endorse this judicial review.”

For more information on the legal action, contact lawyer Eric Gillespie at 416-436-7473 (phone/text)


See a news report from the CBC here.


* The four community groups launching this legal action are members of the Wind Concerns Ontario coalition





This is good news. Much will be exposed and clarified.

What happens to the people who currently are experiencing the lack of MOECC regulation on noise levels and the refusal of the Federal government to enforce the Radiation Emitting Devices Act? Will they have to endure the harm for 20 years? Will more people be forced to relocate in order to seek protection?


The wind companies have paid huge amounts of money to the Liberals. Now the wind companies are the “clients” of MOECC, not us the voting residents. The only way in Ontario to get the ministries to do their work, and protect us, is to take them to court.

Stan Thayer

Ontario seems to be lawless.
The Wynne Liberals are consumed with getting elected by any legal or illegal undertaking. The Trudeau Liberals are doing their meager best to deal with Trump’s antics. We the taxpayers are left to fend for ourselves and fund all these time consuming and money blowing endeavors.
Yes there are laws, yes there is no enforcement, yes noone knows who to believe, yes we are getting fake news.
I know for a fact this morning at 5am the backup natural gas burning power stations were supplying 4 times more power than all the windmills put together.
Millions of dollars in losses and tones of CO2 into the atmosphere and that’s only this morning.
Hide your face green energy people.
Hey Suzuki, explain the environmental benefits of this situation to me?
That would make great “fake news”.
The only way to make Ontario IWT’S appear beneficial is to fudge the numbers and that is immoral but not illegal.
Anything goes once an election is called!
Remember, the IWT’S are on private property so the taxpayer will be responsible in the end.
Ontario is a colossal MESS!

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