Wind Concerns joins international signatories on letter to WHO


Wind Concerns Ontario has added our name to pages of signatories on a letter going to the World Health Organization concerning the review of environmental noise guidelines, on behalf of our membership.

WCO also wrote a letter directly to the WHO, which was sent last week. In our letter we reviewed the findings of the Health Canada wind turbine noise study and its shortcomings; despite design flaws and significant data gaps, Health Canada persists in claiming the study is “the most comprehensive” study of wind turbine noise done to date, in the world.

The international letter has been signed by health professionals, researchers and concerned individuals fro around the world including Dr Robert McMurtry and Carmen Krogh of Canada, Dr Sarah Laurie of Australia, Dr Alun Evans of Scotland, and acoustician Jerry Punch of the United States, among many others.

The letter is here, with signatures as of mid-July: Open-Letter-to-members-of-the-panel-developing-the-WHO-Environmental-Noise-Guidelines-for-the-European-Region-1-1



Another important and necessary step has been taken !

Pat Cusack

Many thanks!


That article is the reason residents in DD volunteer for pitchfork practice!!!

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