Wind Concerns Ont to Health Canada: wind farm noise guidelines needed now

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is greeted by wind turbine protesters at an event in Sarnia. May 31, 2013 (Photo by Chelsea Vella)

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne with protesters in Sarnia earlier this year

Lee Michaels, Blackburn Media, December 8, 2014

Wind Concerns Ontario is urging the federal Health Minister to act immediately on the findings of a study of health effects on people living near wind turbines.

WCO Executive Warren Howard says the questionnaires found residents living near the giant turbines had distress or annoyance at 35 decibels.

Current Ontario regulations are based on the World Organization Night Noise limit of 40 decibels, but that was designed solely for traffic and airport noise.

The WCO wants Ottawa to protect people by changing the setback between turbines and homes from the current 550 meters to 1,300 meters.

They also want the Health Minister to issue appropriate national guidelines, similar to those in New Zealand and Australia, where the 35 decibel standard is in effect, especially in rural areas.

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