Wind Concerns Ontario addresses Huron health board on wind turbine noise study

Jane Wilson, Wind Concerns Ontario (photo by Bob Montgomery)

Wind Concerns Ontario president at Huron County Board of Health meeting (Photo: Bob Montgomery, Blackburn News)

Wind Concerns Ontario was invited to make a presentation to the Huron County Board of Health in Clinton last week, to discuss partnership opportunities to advance a study of wind turbine noise emissions, building on the County’s own investigation process.

“This is the first research project, to our knowledge, that involves community groups, a public health unit, and a university,” said Wind Concerns Ontario president Jane Wilson.

Details of the project, which involves an association as well with the University of Waterloo School of Public Health and Health Systems, have been made available to members.


See Blackburn News story here.





Thank you Jane for your determination! Your presentation to the Huron County Board of Health was impressive!
While this may indeed be the breakthrough we’ve needed for a long time in Ontario and it’s great to see that there is a possibility of taking the Cooper study to the next level, I genuinely am worried about people who are being impacted by ‘acoustic trespassing’ of turbines that were sited too close to their homes.
Could you give us any indication of a timeline? How much longer will people have to endure the negative health effects of these turbines?

Wind Concerns Ontario

Thank you! The sooner we get started the sooner it will be done, but in order to do this project–the noise measurement portion–properly, i.e., take multiple measurements in different locations in the homes, and during different seasons and weather conditions, it will take time. The aim of this study is to cover ground other work hasn’t, for example measurement of low frequency noise below 20 Hz. We are still meeting with the Health Unit on how large their role might be, and it could well be the portion of the work that they are involved in may see reporting of results sooner —that will be entirely up to the Medical Officer of Health.
We agree that there are very worrying reports from people living near turbines, but we can’t rush this, and we also cannot affect the independence and acceptance of the results by expecting foregone conclusions. We want this to be as rigorous and as innovative a study as possible. –Jane Wilson

Wind Concerns Ontario

Jane writes: Team effort, believe me. Inspired daily by the courage around us.


Yes to all of you at WCO…. thank you… you give me hope!!!
Thanks again…


You may want your medical people to talk with the medical people studying health effects at the NextEra project in El Paso County Colorado. If I understand correctly, they are including some basic health measurements performed at the same time as the acoustical monitoring. They included frequent blood pressure readings, urinalysis every 20 minutes, and EEG. It sounds like the effects were measurable and medically significant.

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