Wind developer offers paltry sum to Manitoulin Island community
Northeast Town Council Notes

McLean’s Mountain Wind to donate $10,000 a year to community

Council recommends Manor donation to McLean’s Mountain Wind Limited
Partnership Council reviewed a donation request from the Manitoulin
Centennial Manor, requesting council’s support in the Manor’s donation
application to the McLean’s Mountain Wind Limited Partnership.

Last year, council supported a $10,000 donation to the Howland Seniors’
Hall renovation, the first of 20 annual $10,000 donations from the
McLean’s Mountain Wind Limited Partnership’s road use agreement with the Northeast Town,which council can allot to different community
organizations and projects.

Manor Administrator Michelle Bond requested $10,000 towards the purchase of a Carendo hygiene shower chair, “which would benefit our residents greatly by allowing us to meet their immediate needs in a dignified manner.”

“This chair would allow our staff to provide full care to our residents in
terms of peri-care, wound care, bathing, dressing and toileting which will
decrease behaviours,improve incontinence,reduce agitation and make it
safer for our residents and staff,” the letter continues.

Carendo shower chair: dignity for nursing home residents
Is the water warm enough, Mr Chiarelli? We’ve had to cut back on our power use

Town CAO Dave Williamson told council that through staff discussions
with Ms. Bond, the actual chair price would be close to $9,700.

Council agreed that donating the money towards the Manor and assisting
the community’s seniors would be an excellent use of the funds, but
requested a change to the council would support the donation for the
purchase of the chair “up to $10,000” with the understanding that if the
chair was only $9,700, the additional money could be donated to
another cause.

Council carried a motion to support the donation. Mayor Al MacNevin told
council he would contact McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm manager Rick Martin to arrange a time for the partnership donation committee to meet in the near future.

Road construction Manitoulin Island (courtesy Ray Beaudry)
Road construction Manitoulin Island (courtesy Ray Beaudry)

Editor’s note: $10,000 a year doesn’t seem like much when you consider some landowners are reaping $100,000 per year for having turbines on their land, and when the McLean’s Mountain wind power developer will obtain millions for the power produced, at the expense of this community.

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