Wind farm property values: the real story is untold

From today’s National Post

Blowing in the wind

Re: Turbines’ Impact On Realty Limited, Dec. 8.

This study’s authors were able to use less than 1% of the sales collected for them by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation, and based their conclusions on just a few dozen properties. Moreover, information on expired listings — properties listed for sale that never sold — was not incorporated into the study. You can’t measure what didn’t happen.

Several properties within a kilometre of a wind turbine did sell, over and over (as many as four times in the study period), but this interesting fact was also not investigated. So, you have very few sales, some properties that never sell and some properties that change hands multiple times. What was the real story here?

Jane Wilson, president, Wind Concerns Ontario, Ottawa.



Unless this study is withdrawn it will continue being used on the internet.

Wind Concerns Ontario

Not likely: it was funded by MPAC as a way to prove their relevance to the Ontario government. You can protest by writing to your MPP and to the Minister of Finance. Public money was used to finance this study which proves nothing, but is being used against Ontario citizens. Note the reference to beliefs and perceptions—it’s not that you can’t sell your house, it’s that you are not quite dealing with a full deck in your opposition to clean, green wind power

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