Wind power benefits a myth, says Ontario citizen

Government claims that wind power helps the environment and creates jobs are false, says Brule Lake resident

What wind power is really all about: not the environment
What wind power is really all about: not the environment

Kingston Whig-Standard, April 10, 2016

Eliott Ferguson

PLEVNA — A Brule Lake resident is challenging some of the arguments the Ontario government is using to support its push to build more renewable energy projects.

Chris Albinson responded to Tuesday’s announcement by the Ontario government that it was launching the second phase of its Large Renewable Procurement.

Phase 2 of the Large Renewable Procurement program announced Tuesday called for up to 930 megawatts of green energy to be added to the province.

Contracts for Phase 1 of the program were offered in March and amounted to about 455 megawatts.

In the announcement, the government said green energy projects had created 42,000 jobs since 2003 and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Albinson said neither statements are true and the Liberal government’s Green Energy Act has hurt the province’s economy and increased the cost of electricity for residents and businesses.

“The Green Energy Act was a nice idea that has turned into an economic catastrophe through gross mismanagement and corruption,” he wrote in an email to The Whig-Standard.

Albinson said reports from the province’s auditor general show the expectations about the job creation, environmental benefit and economic value of the renewable energy projects in Ontario are greatly overestimated by the Liberal government.

“Any rational government would look at the facts and the auditor general report and stop the program,” he wrote. “In the bizarre thinking of this government, they are doubling the size of the disaster.”

In 2011, then Ontario auditor general Jim McCarter pointed out that while the Green Energy Act promised 40,000 jobs would be created by renewable energy products, most were short term and that estimate did not account for job losses in other sectors.

“However, about 30,000, or 75 per cent, of these jobs were expected to be construction jobs lasting only from one to three years,” McCarter wrote in his 2011 report.

Government estimates of green energy job creation also did not factor in job losses from other sectors of the economy because of higher electricity prices. …

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Elliot Ferguson has done the research. There’s so much more he could have added to this well written article.
It’s time to challenge this government in a very public way. They need to be forced to face the facts.

J.P. De Grandmont

I would recommend that WCO start an on-line petition to pressure the Wynne gov’t and it’s outrageous and devastating energy policies.


Pat Cusack

I’m beginning to think that much of what governments do are myths.
Mind-boggling the vast sums of money that are wasted in our world today.

Pat Cusack

Just think, these same people are going to upgrade the math teaching in Ontario schools, if there is a math problem in Govt now what will it be like down the road. Bernie

Louisa McCutcheon

Wind Turbines are one of the biggest SCAMS EVER. BELIVE ME . I live in the middle of them,and we were told that if we were a unwilling host we would not have to have them.haaaaaa haaaaaa! Their re more going uo al,the time. Kathleen needs to go far far away

Louisa McCutcheon

Check out Mike Crawley, Check out Wind concerns .com. They PAY the States to take our excess power and raise out hydro bills. Everyone connected should be in jail

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