Wind power exec confirms: contracts to miss key performance date

"I'm a problem?"
“I’m a problem?”

The top executive for Gilead Power, the firm that was seeking to develop Ostrander Point in Prince Edward County into a wind power generation project, confirms what Wind Concerns Ontario has known for some time: there are projects in Ontario that are approaching, or have even passed, their key contract date to be supplying power to the grid.

The Wynne government has the option of now cancelling these contracts.

In an interview with the Picton Gazette, interim Gilead president Dan Hardie said the company is now “in limbo” with the decision by the Environmental Review Tribunal going against the project, and the “drop-dead” date approaching. (Actually, Wind Concerns Ontario’s information is that the key contract date was May 12, 2016.)

“We were supposed to be up and running by a certain date this year,” Hardie told the Gazette. “We are running out of time and that’s due to the Blanding [sic] turtle problem that we had.”

Asked if the ERT decision could mean the end of the company, Hardie replied, “Probably.”

According to WCO information, the cost to the government of getting out of the Ostrander Point contract would be $420,000 at most to terminate.

FIT Contract status: estimated from FIT contract source documents

Project 20 Year Cost Termination Cost (Max) Status/ Estimated

Key Contract Dates

Nigig/Henley Inlet, Parry Sound $2,057 M $1.0 M Pre-submission – Default Date =   Sep 24, 2015
Trout Creek, Parry Sound $68.6 M $420,000 Default Date = Nov 6, 2015
Fairview, Clearview $126.2 M $436,000 Default Date = Nov 6, 2015
Skyway 126, Grey Highlands $68.6 M $420,000 Default Date = Nov 6, 2015
Ostrander Point, Prince Edward $154.3 M $448,000 ERT – 24 months of Force Majeure = May 12, 2016
White Pines,

Prince Edward

$411.5 M $520,000 ERT – Default Date = 57 days after favourable ERT
Amherst Island, Loyalist $514.4 M $550,000 ERT – Default Date = 18 days after favourable ERT
Settlers Landing, Kawartha Lakes $68.6 M $420,000 Remedy ERT – Default Date = May 6, 2016
Majestic, Kincardine $13.7 M $408,000 Default Date – May 11, 2016
Meyer, Kincardine $27.4 M $404,000 Default Date – Jun 17, 2016
Total $3.5 B $5.0 M






Pretty sure Gilead ran out out FIT contract time a year ago but influence from insiders keeps pushing the goal posts back and back and back…
IESO turns a blind eye as well. All shrouded in mystery and deceit.
And Gilead is whining? Reallly? They still have Ontario Public Service Employees Union Pensions to rely on. I hope Union bosses know what’s going on.
Mrs. Wynne should worry.


Is there a list of the Ontario FIT contracts that are past their due date?


Sorry…projects need to continue….I don’t think taxpayers should be on the hook for another 5 million over turtles. There could be remedies. If everyone is so concerned about turtles, they should immediately be ceasing all farming operations in these communities. Livestock, tractors, haying equipment certainly would kill more turtles than traffic or windmills in the one year it will take to construct these windmills. If turtles even exist on Amherst Island and need to be protected then, pay the farmers for their farms stop any farming activities and let the turtles remain there. Get serious about protecting them. It’s ridiculous to think in the hundreds of years of farming in these communities turtles haven’t been harmed, did anyone care about these turtles then? Did anyone care when all the city people came to the island and started excavating and building their million dollar waterfront homes, some obliterating turtle habitat, according to their own words, on the south shore. No, they didn’t care then about the turtles. Yet now everyone is concerned that such great harm will come to them, over the period of the one year that it will take to build this project. People need to do the math and start to think logically. Everyone knows this has nothing to do with turtles, and everything to do with the optics of the windmills. For 5 million dollars of the taxpayers money…..someone can come up with a fencing solution to keep turtles off the roadway. How about no driving on the island, and you all start riding bicycles. Maybe they should stop issuing building permits for homes and excavating if they are so concerned about the risk of turtles being harmed.

Wind Concerns Ontario

We suggest you read the actual decision. In fact, the construction and maintenance of the project at Ostrander Point would have resulted in extirpation of the species, the Tribunal ruled, and yes, people are NOT allowed to build houses if they are going to harm the Blandings turtle or other endangered species.
The key thought in the decision was that the goals of wanting renewable power sources must be balanced with goals for the environment as a whole. Given that wind power has no appreciable benefit for the environment, and in fact potential for harm, why do it?


Get your head out of the sand. There is much, much more to this whole problem. If you really believe what you wrote,I feel really bad for you.


Sorry, these projects should not continue in the interest of saving Ontario taxpayers’ money and saving the health of human beings. You (we) are paying a German company for a commodity that is definately not efficient, a waste of money (compared to what they produce), and one that has to be backed up by fossil fuels anyway. In addition, they will be polluting the ground and our drining water with earth mined in China that is already killing thousands of Chinese workers. So, even if you hate turtles and bats, think about the health of mankind instead of putting your self importance at the centre of my universe.


I’d spend $5 million to save $3 billion, let’s do this.


22 May 2016 – Biodiversity and the ecosystem services it supports are the foundations for life on Earth and the livelihoods and well-being of people everywhere, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today on the International Day for Biological Diversity, as he urged the international community to preserve and sustainably manage the variety of life on the planet.
“Protecting biodiversity and preventing further losses is an essential investment in our collective future,” Mr. Ban said in his message marking the Day.
“On this International Day for Biodiversity, I urge all Governments and stakeholders to preserve and sustainably manage the variety of life on Earth for the benefit of current and future generations,” he added.
Link to above found here:

I side with the UN stand and not Lilcanuck’s comments.
Along with the need to protect against climate change, science shows biodiversity must be protected to guarantee survival.
Canada is signatory to the Convention on Biological Diversity

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