Without taxpayer money, wind doesn’t exist

Here from the blog North East Windmills is a view on wind power development in that part of the United States: slowed virtually to a halt.

Wind Installations Grind to a Halt With Zero Installed Nationwide in 2nd Quarter of 2013

July 31, 2013 by
Wind energy is collapsing
Wind energy is collapsing – zero installs in the 2nd quarter of 2013

We’ve been trying to point out just how bad the collapse of wind energy really is, but some of you might think we’ve only been showing you a few cherry picked facts, so here’s something for you to consider from the American Wind Energy Association, the wind energy trade group.

Only 1.6 megawatts (MW) of wind power were commissioned during the first half of the year and none at all during the second quarter

Zero installs in the second quarter!

Think about that, the BOOMING wind energy sector installed 1.6MW in the first quarter, that’s most likely a single wind turbine, and absolutely none in the second quarter. What does that say about the wind industry?

Without taxpayer money, wind energy doesn’t exist

The AWEA says they’re fine, things are “ramping up” and they blame the late extension of tax credits as the reason they were down so long. In other words, this huge “dead zone” with zero installs is what wind energy looks like without taxpayer money propping it up.
Countries around the world cutting back on wind, plants in the US closing, sales from the big manufacturers way down, and now, zero installs in the second quarter, it makes you think this rush to put a very wind friendly ordinance in place in communities like ours, is a last desperate grab by out of town developers for taxpayer money before the Production Tax Credit (PTC) expires for good.
It looks like wind energy advocates can’t handle the truth.
Just say NO! North East is our home, we live here. We can do better.

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