Wynne continues wind folly with new energy plan

Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli released a new Long Term Energy Plan at Queen’s Park today. The result? Nothing much has changed. Unfortunately.

The “new” plan maintains the same targets for wind power development, just to be accomplished within a longer time frame. That’s bad news for ratepayers and taxpayers affected by higher electricity rates as a result of the province’s push for “green” power.

   “Ontario never did a cost-benefit analysis for wind power, but now we know what the costs are,” said Wind Concerns Ontario president Jane Wilson.

   “Very little power produced, power produced out of phase with demand, and few of the thousands of jobs promised. At the same time, the costs are skyrocketing electricity rates, plummeting property values, and absolute tyranny through industrialization of Ontario’s rural communities with huge wind power plants.”

   Wilson noted that the Energy Minister’s response to criticism about electricity rates is to produce a new website that featured a tutorial on how consumers can better use electricity.

  “That was pure insult,” she said, “especially to rural residents forced to pay horrendous delivery charges for power, and who are already doing all they can to conserve while the government continues with policies that drive up costs.

   “We need change, not blame.”

 Wind power by the numbers:


  • ·         Currently 3,700 megawatts of wind power under contract but not yet connected to the grid– could mean another $1 billion per year to Ontario costs or $250 to average ratepayer’s bill annually
  • ·         Over 6,700 huge industrial wind turbines are already built or are proposed for Ontario
  • ·         76 Ontario communities have declared themselves “Not A Willing Host” to wind power project

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