Journal of Canadian Rural Medicine: a current setbacks in Ontario, non-trivial number of people will be affected by IWT noise

Here is a new article from the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine, by authors Jeffreys, Krogh and Horner, which concludes that based on the literature and on Ontario experiences to date, a “non-trivial” number of people can be expected to report adverse health effects from the audible and inaudible noise produced by industrial-scale wind power generators.
Now, what is the government going to do about it?

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    This is a fantastic achievement!
    What a help to all in the battle to protect their loved ones and neighbours from the serious harm by Industrial wind turbines.
    Another example of those with expertise in the financial, political, energy, medical, engineering, organizing, health, communication/media, and on and on do what they can to help and share the help!

    Take the time to click on the link below and read this article (only 6 pages long) by
    Dr. Jeffery, Carmen Krogh and Brett Horner recently published in the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine. The article is more important validation to those suffering from industrial wind turbines in proximity to homes.

    “Conclusion: If placed too close to residents, IWTs can negatively affect the physical, mental and social well-being of people. There is sufficient evidence to support the conclusion that noise from audible IWTs is a potential cause of health effects. Inaudible low-frequency noise and infrasound from IWTs cannot be ruled out as plausible causes of health effects.”

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